BMW Alpina B4 S Edition 99 Is Not Your Typical Pumped-Up Bimmer

Top up or top down, this limited edition coupe is even more potent than the M4.

The Alpina brand has been synonymous to exclusive BMW vehicles that aren’t only aesthetically exciting but performance-wise as well. It works hand-in-hand with the Bavarian brand in developing its limited edition, high-performance cars, so much so, that Germany’s Ministry of Transport considers Alpina as an automobile manufacturer and not just an aftermarket tuner.

One of the most exciting creations of Alpina is the B4 S, which packs 440 horsepower (324 kilowatts) and 442 pound-feet (660 Newton-meters) of torque – figures that are a tad greater than your “typical” M4 Coupe. Now, if you find that rather bland, you can choose to be one of the sub-hundred owners of the Alpina B4 S Edition 99.

Available in both Coupe and Convertible trims, the B4 S Edition 99 gets the same 3.0-liter straight-six cylinder biturbo power plant of the normal B4 S. It is, however, dialed up a bit with output figures reaching 446 hp (332 kW). With this number and the drivetrain’s “midrange pulling power,” the B4 S Edition 99 promises a phenomenal driving experience with its omnipresent torque delivery.

The B4 S Edition 99’s top speed is at 188 miles per hour (303 kilometers per hour) for its all-wheel-drive Coupe version (left-hand drive exclusive), with a 0 to 62 miles per hour acceleration rate of 3.9 seconds. The Coupe rear-wheel-drive version can reach up to 190 mph (306 kph), but the acceleration rate is naturally tapered down to 4.3 seconds. If you’d like to go top-down, the rear-wheel-drive Convertible edition has a maximum speed of 189 mph (304 kph).

Subtle aesthetic updates inside and out give the B4 S Edition 99 distinction from the regular B4 S. These include the Alpina badge, the multi-spoke rims, the quad-exhaust system, and the exclusively-numbered Edition 99 plaque in the engine bay and a decal by the dashboard.

As previously mentioned, Alpina will only make 99 units of the B4 S Edition 99 to be sold worldwide. You can order one right now but unit deliveries will start by Q2 of 2019. 

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Alpina B4 S Biturbo Edition 99

We are very excited today to announce the EDITION 99, a limited edition based on the latest BMW ALPINA B4 S Bi-Turbo models. Strictly limited to ninety-nine units worldwide, it is available both in Convertible and Coupé versions, the latter also being offered with all-wheel drive (left-hand drive only).

The EDITION 99 is typically ALPINA and yet wonderfully different. The EDITION 99 is instantly recognisable by its progressive, dynamic appearance and exclusive design features. Both inside and out, the Coupé makes no secret of its performance character. The Convertible convinces with a subtle mix of sporting genes, ride comfort and finely balanced handling for delightful driving experiences.

The 3.0 litre straight-six cylinder produces 332 kW (452 PS). The drivetrain impresses with phenomenal “midrange pulling power”, meaning performance is playfully available at all times – a central characteristic of the ALPINA typical driving experience. Accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.9 – 4.3 seconds, the EDITION 99 models have a top speed of 303 – 306 km/h.

ALPINA looks back on a long tradition of exclusive, limited edition models manufactured in very low numbers, all of which represent something extraordinary to this day. The EDITION 99 continues this tradition in an exciting new way.

Further information and press images can be found on our press portal. Watch the latest product »» video here or visit the » ALPINA Car Configurator for details on options and pricing.

The new BMW ALPINA B4 S Bi-Turbo EDITION 99 models are available to order immediately, with deliveries commencing from Q2 2019 onwards.

*Coupé 4.3 s / 306 km/h; Coupé AWD 3.9 s / 303 km/h; Convertible 4.3 s / 304 km/h.
BMW ALPINA B4 S Bi-Turbo Coupé EDITION 99 with all-wheel drive only available in left-hand drive.

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