Booked an XUV700 in Jan: Continue waiting, or buy Tata Safari instead?

I did also test out the MG Hector, but compared to the other two it left me wanting more.

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I have been following this thread since the very beginning. I was (am) in the market for a 7 seater since December 2021 (when I could finally convince my better half). I have a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 kids) and my parents live nearby as well, so for going out together, 7-seater had become a must. Being an enthusiastic driver, and being used to diesel for several years now, my criteria was that the car should be diesel, and should have sufficient power. For me, sufficient means: on the highway, if I choose to cruise at 90-100, but catch a slow-poke in front, a quick dab of the accelerator should get me by without having to drop a gear. Living in Bangalore though, with the ever-growing traffic and long periods of crawling inch by inch, I shifted to automatics in 2016 itself.

So with the above criteria, my options became rather limited to Tata Safari and XUV 700. I did test drive MG Hector but was left wanting. My Safari test drives were good and honestly, I had not even bothered looking or driving at XUV 700 (given the already ridiculous waiting periods being reported). With almost my mind made up to wait for the Safari Dark edition, I was persuaded by reading this thread to at least go and test drive the XUV 700. I drove the XUV 700 diesel in Mysore, I was quite impressed and asked the SA how long is the wait. He said if you get this year, you will be lucky (with regard to AX 7L D AT). Pretty much rejected!

Then came the turn to take my wife (who will also drive the car), kids and parents. I went to Keys Motors in Mysore Road (in Bangalore), and much to my surprise, neither my family nor the SAs showed much interest! Then I headed to Anant Cars, to basically showcase what I am foregoing. It was instantly a more pleasant experience. The car on display was a white AX 7, which my family instantly loved. The SA spoke to us, enquired about our usage and suggested that I drive the petrol automatic. One drive and I was floored, even my wife was floored, and my family was bowled over. The creamy smooth engine, the noiseless cabin, the comfortable seating, and the tech-loaded and futuristic cabin, are all too good a package to forego. Finally, I booked my XUV 700 on the same day, 3rd Jan 2022 (although on the website it shows 5th Jan 2022). I chose the AX 7L P AT over the other options variants, basically with the following logic:

Talking about history, it does seem like I have been waiting forever now. I call the SA once in 15 days asking if there is any chance of getting the car soon (the website states Aug-Sept 2023, downright depressing) and the SA says he will try but really not any time soon.

I have two questions:

  • Should I continue waiting? Will Mahindra be able to deliver cars in even 6 months’ time? There were posts suggesting that production will increase, but monthly sales figures are not even touching 4-5k XUV 700s! The wait is just gruelling. Any insights?
  • Should I forget about XUV 700 and go for Safari? After the #Dark edition, the Kaziranga is looking even more stunning. My personal favourite though is the Adventure Persona. But knowing what I will miss, I am not able to make up my mind! Just feels like a bad deal for the money. I did not mention ADAS till now as its usability is something I can only judge after using it properly, but nonetheless I want it!

Here’s what BHPian charade had to say on the matter:

Although this is very much a personal decision, let me share my perspective:

  • You get a lot more value for similar money with the XUV7OO. From a bang-for-buck point of view, the balance is clearly tilted in favour of the XUV.
  • I usually keep my vehicles for 8-10 years. Waiting 6-8 months more doesn’t seem that long when seen in this light. Especially for me, since I have a car that at least serves my basic needs at the moment.

This is a decision that you and your family will probably live with for a long time. Get the car that you really enjoyed driving and travelling in as a family. Don’t compromise on the car for a few months of wait time.

Here’s what BHPian StepUP! had to say on the matter:

Waiting periods are not as bad as they are made out to be through media or general perception.

I had booked my petrol AX7 automatic on 18th Dec on their portal. It showed May-June 2023 delivery date. I was but I knew it won’t take that long.

Got my XUV was allocated on 18th March and brought her home yesterday. Flat 3 months. From 15 months to 3 months is something

Nothing comes close to XUV’s petrol refinement and muscle. So don’t compromise on what you want by just looking at waiting periods. If you can wait, it’s totally worth it.

Here’s what BHPian Abhikumar629 had to say on the matter:

You did mention your wife also using the vehicle. For that, I would strongly suggest waiting for the XUV. Even on other counts, it is too good (not saying safari is any less).

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