C10 Intervention 2018: Big Success for a First-time Show

The C10 scene is alive and well on the West Coast. With builds popping up left and right, the west is littered with them. We can’t complain either, as we love seeing these trucks and the unique styles that customizers bring to the table.

Though there are a few dedicated C10 events, there were previously none in the NorCal area. The heart of this state is strong with truck enthusiasts and Tony Ortega (president of C10 Club Sacramento) and Carlos Vidales decided that it was time to throw their own event in Auburn, California. Their intention was to have another function for this scene to gather at, while also raising money for the local Boys and Girls Club. With the plan in development, these two got together with John Oro who helped market the event. With his help, they were able to get Brothers Trucks on board to help represent the show.

With everything moving in the right direction, the event went as planned on September 16, 2018 at the Gold County Fairgrounds, which was the perfect venue. For those who stepped outside the show grounds, the city was also a treat to see, as this old town was an amazing backdrop for the sea of classic trucks cruising through. Speaking of crowds, we didn’t know what to expect from this first-time show, as they aren’t often big. However, when we got to the fairgrounds, we were pleasantly surprised to see the place completely filled with vintage iron. There was no shortage of kickass trucks and we loved every minute of it. The show was an absolute success and Ortega was able to donate $3,800 to the Boys and Girls Club.

Keep this one on your radar as we expect it to get even better next year. For 2019, the event will be held on September 15 and you can get more info by visiting @c10intervention on Instagram or www.c10intervention.com. CT

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