Close Your Eyes And Listen To The Superformance Ford GT's V6

We can’t wait to see this thing on the street.

Superformance showed off its stunning Ford GT40 continuation – dubbed Future GT Forty – for the first time at SEMA, and we’re already in love. The handsome hot rod packs a modern Ford GT EcoBoost V6, two Honeywell Garrett turbochargers, and a custom Magnaflow exhaust that brings the total output to 647 horsepower (483 kilowatts). And now we know what it sounds like.

Superformance provided a quick clip of the Future GT Forty’s fearsome exhaust note. The one-minute, 42-second video shows the engine bay of the super coupe uncovered, with the quad exhaust tips jutting out the back – and that noise. It’s definitely not the full extent of what this GT40 is capable of, but it has us excited for more footage of the fast Ford in the next few months.

The Superformance Future GT Forty is currently on display at SEMA, but in just a few weeks, this first model will hit the street. It was built by Superformance as an homage to the Ford GT40’s first-place victory at Le Mans in 1968, but wears the Ford GT’s current racing livery. It will be available to customers on a limited basis.

“The reaction to the ‘Future GT Forty’ has been mind-blowing,” said Doug Campbell. “The idea for this car came to me while watching the 2017 24 Hours of Le Mans – fast forward a year and a half later and we’re debuting it at the SEMA Show.”

Superformance doesn’t have a price for the Future GT Fort just yet, but for a Shelby Coupe continuation from the company, it will set you back more than $115,000. Given the Ford GT40’s heritage, don’t expect this one won’t go for cheap.

Source: Superformance

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