Clutch noises from my Honda City: Disappointing service & diagnosis

The sedan is 3.5 years old, having done around 18,500 km

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Honda city service centre – Poor diagnosis for clutch noise- disappointment all over.

Of late I had been experiencing a weird issue in my 2018 4th generation city that has done around 18.5k over 3.5 years. The clutch pedal suddenly started to make a “tick” noise when it is pressed as well as when it is released. This noise seemed to appear before the clutch reaches the biting point position. Check out the video, here.

I took it to the Honda service centre and this is what happened, first- they lubricated the clutch pedal points and the sound disappeared for a while but reappeared once I drove the vehicle for a bit (around 2 km).

On my second visit, the Honda reps suggested I get two switches replaced and assured me that the noise would go away. Here is the Job Card.

And as per their suggestion, I got them replaced.

The sound still did not go away. At this point, I was very disappointed by the poor diagnosis that the Honda service centre mechanics had done. Had expressed my disappointment to the service centre rep to which they agreed to waive off some amount and re-lubricate.

I have totally lost faith in the mechanics at the service centre. Am planning to take my vehicle to another service centre which is quite far from where I live, hoping to get this issue properly diagnosed leave alone getting it fixed. Not sure what is in store.

Here’s what BHPian for_cars1 had to say on the matter:

I’ve experienced a slight click during the clutching action at some point in my cars and they’ve gone away on their own.

It should not be a cause for worry as it won’t be coming from the critical clutch plate/pressure plate/release bearings and more likely from the mechanical pedal action.

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