DIY: Illuminated window switch installation in Hyundai Creta

The connector is wired already and it is a simple plug-and-play type.

BHPian a4anurag recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Since Hyundai India decided to not provide this feature in the Creta since Day 1, I could see a few options on AliExpress as ready-to-swap switches for the Creta / ix25. Thanks to BHPian Ashtoncastelino, I could lay my hands on these switches. IIRC, I paid around Rs 1000 for 3 pieces (including shipping).

  • OEM switch part no: 93580-A0000
  • AliExpress switch part no: 93580-C9000

The DIY is pretty simple as it requires one to remove the respective door pads. The power window switch is held by 4 tabs on each side which one needs to be pried using a flat-head screwdriver to free it from the holding position. Once free, replace the switch with the one bought (4 clicks heard when pushed into the slot).

The connector is wired ready and it is a simple plug-and-play type. Hyundai India has just blanked the top cover and no LED has been provided, but the wiring is ready.

Door pad removed

The OEM power window switch

Using a flat-head screwdriver pry the 4 tabs as marked to free the switch

OEM switch removed from the slot

New power window switch

Three new switches from AliExpress

OEM vs new switch

Power window switch connector

Test Successful (All 3 switches checked)

The rear driver’s side door switch changed

Front passenger-side door switch changed

Close-up of the illumination

Apologies for the poor quality images, shall use a better camera and update the thread.

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