E36 Touring track car: Reader’s Car of the Week

An estate E36 BMW 3 Series modified for the track? Consider us aroused

You have to wonder if there’ll be any road going E36s left by the next decade, what with them all seemingly undergoing transformations into track cars. BMW’s 1990s 3 Series is renowned for being stiff and rigid, and there’s a fine selection of silky six-pots to choose from. For a track day enthusiast after an affordable rear driver, there are few better options.

You therefore might not think much of PHer Andrew-b90y3’s decision to purchase an E36 320i as his first track car. It’s the natural choice after all. But this BMW technician’s new Bimmer is in fact the less circuit-oriented Touring, which instantly makes it extra deserving of our attention. Because estates are just cooler.

Andrew bought his 320i for £150 – well, £147 if you subtract the £3 he later found under a seat – and hasn’t wasted time in getting the car ready for the asphalt. As a man of BMW he knows these cars inside out so has made swift progress, gutting the interior and treating the car to a lighter set of wheels, to name a few performance-enhancing modifications.

Happily for us, there are many more changes to come, meaning this is a project worth keeping up with. We can’t wait to see the car finished and ready for its first track day. Keep it up, Andrew!

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