Food delivery strike in Malaysia today – Grab responds –

Yesterday, it was reported that food delivery riders were set to go on a 24-hour nationwide strike today to protest against what they claim is unfair compensation paid to riders. The strike was supposed to have begun at 12am today.

Riders are reportedly unhappy about the compensation that they are getting. According to Abdul Hakim Abdul Rani, the vice-president of Persatuan Penghantar P-Hailing Malaysia, riders are paid a flat rate per delivery and earn incentives depending on the time and distance of the order placed.

However, he claimed that riders are not properly compensated for deliveries that may take a longer time to complete. He added that many riders are pressured to complete more deliveries daily to meet their income target, and said that the 24-hour protest is to make companies aware of how riders are feeling about their current situation, where they feel they are earning less despite performing more deliveries.

Following the announcement of the strike, which is being called the “Food Delivery Blackout,” Grab Malaysia has issued a statement clarifying that there was no reduction in base fares for their delivery services, The Star reports.

In its statement, the company said the recent concern raised by a delivery-partner was due to a glitch in its system, where the rider noted a discrepancy in his earnings. The ride-hailing service provider said it has since rectified the issue by transferring the shortfall to all affected partners. It added that it had clarified the matter via its official communication channel to its partners on July 21.

“We apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused for our partners and would like to encourage our partners to reach out to us via our Facebook, or visit us at Grab Driver Centre & Kiosks (GDC) should they have any further queries,” it said.

The company also reassured all users, including its consumers and merchant-partners, that it remains committed to supporting its delivery-partner community. It said it had introduced various efforts to support its delivery partners through the years.

Grab said that its initiatives included on-the-job protection with free personal accident coverage and a partnership with EPF to ease contributions, as well as assisting its riders with reducing operational expenses through discounts on petrol, vehicle maintenance and daily necessities, among others. It added that it had also introduced multiple promotions and campaigns to provide more jobs for delivery riders.

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