Forum Friday: Family Fun AtlasT

Since its introduction, the Atlas has proved to be a popular seller for Volkswagen. The incredibly roomy SUV can haul the whole family to soccer practice, grandma’s house, and even to a favorite campsite. Well, as long as it’s not too far off a gravel trail.

But what if you’re looking for something that holds all the kids and your gear, and can a little deeper into the woods? You could wait for the upcoming (fingers crossed) Atlas Basecamp, or, you could build your own backwoods explorer. VWvortex member SykoraA4 did just that.

Last year, Sykora picked up a 2019 Atlas SE 4motion and wasted no time upgrading the stock SUV. The stock OEM wheels and tires were swapped out with 18″ LM reps with a set of beefy tires. The chrome grille was blacked-out, and a slick rear spoiler from the Chinese-market Terramont was installed.

The Atlas got some additional exterior lighting, and the LM reproduction wheels were swapped out for a set of 18″ Revolver wheels. And most recently, an aluminum roof rack was added then removed due to some not-so-great fuel mileage.

Sykora also installed a semi-custom intake that brought out the VR6’s Wookie growl but was still wife approved. He’s also picked up a set of H&R lift springs but hasn’t installed them yet.

So if you’re interested in an Atlas, but it’s just a little too “soft” for you, take a look at SykoraA4’s thread in the Atlas section. If nothing else, enjoy his exceptional photography skills; it’s worth a Friday perusal.

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