Genesis Wants You to Start Your GV60 with your Face and Fingerprints

If you’ve seen almost any modern spy, heist, or action movie, you’re probably aware of how useful biometrics can be—especially if you’re performing an intricate burglary. However, you’ve likely used biometrics in your normal, non-heist life, too, whenever you unlocked your smartphone. Biometrics might sound like future tech to some, but it’s becoming more incorporated throughout your daily life. Luxury carmaker Genesis is working to bring it into your commute with its upcoming GV60’s new Face Connect feature.

Essentially, the folks at Genesis want to use biometrics so you can leave your keys at home, and control the vehicle’s functions with your face and fingerprints. The Face Connect system uses a near-infrared camera to scan your face, which then checks to see if you’re registered to the vehicle’s computer. If your Genesis gives you the OK, the power seats and steering wheel will adjust to your logged settings. Genesis will also include a system aptly named Fingerprint Authentication System, which uses your fingerprints to work in conjunction with your face to give you full control of the car without having a fob.

Like we saw with smartphones, this kind of biometric technology might see some slow adoption early on, but will likely gain steam down the line. These biometric tech tools will join the Genesis GV60 alongside over-the-air updates, which is another example of a quickly adopting technology in modern cars.

How well will this system work? Well, it’s hard to say without seeing it in action. The all-electric Genesis GV60 should see driveways before the end of 2022, which means we’re going to see if this biometric tech will make sense shortly. Until then, we’ll just watch some of our favorite face scan scenes from wild action movies.

Would you ever want your car to respond to biometrics? Or are you happy with a physical key? Let us know your thoughts below.

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