Here's What the Ferrari F40 That Burned Down in Monaco Looks Like Now

Remember the Ferrari F40 that tragically caught fire and burned to the ground in Monaco earlier this year? Despite the massive damage caused by the flames, it seems the car’s story isn’t over yet.

The Ferrari Owners Club NL Facebook group recently shared a handful of pictures of the F40 post-incident sitting at what it claims to be the service center of Ferrari Cavallari, a dealership in Monaco. Unsurprisingly, it looks to be in rough condition, with a totally trashed engine bay, roof, and interior. The only area of the car that looks salvageable is the nose section in front of the A-pillar.

Normally, a car with this sort of damage would have any useful parts stripped away, and be sent directly to the crusher. But because this is an F40, it might get a second chance on life. According to the Magazín ProDriver CZ Facebook page, which also shared pictures of the car, it’s going to be fully restored to its former glory.

It’s going to take a lot of work to restore something with this much damage, but we think it can be done. It’s just going to need a bunch of new parts, including a new engine, gearbox, interior, and likely pieces of frame spliced in. And for a car this special, we think it’s worth the trouble.

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