Horrible experience with Tiago even before purchase, leaves me confused

If you remember, we didn’t want a Tata because of the ASS, and now this!

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Hello everyone,

If you remember, I was looking for a hatchback for the city under Rs 9 lakh. We had a lot of options and narrowed down on a Tata (rejected earlier due to a bad ASS experience) because of safety. We booked a Tata Tiago XZA+ in Arizona Blue in exchange for our Tata Nano and were waiting for the PDI, scheduled on 23rd February. Since we were on holiday, we asked them to postpone the date to the 25th. Till then, we were reading important PDI points to check when seeing the car.

On the 25th, when we asked if the car has arrived, we were displeased to know that the car had not arrived in the showroom. We then had to wait for another 2 days and the PDI was then rescheduled to the 27th at 10 am.

We then headed to the showroom for the PDI and we had to wait for two whole hours for our salesperson to arrive. And upon arrival, we were left shocked and annoyed.

The car was not at all in a factory-bought condition. It was full of scratches, paint chips and large uneven panel gaps of some sort. Heck, even the horn wiring was exposed at the end. I tried checking the VIN but it showed an error that the VIN is ignored or invalid.

If you remember, we didn’t want a Tata because of the ASS, and now this! Seriously, how did the car even pass the QC test? Or is it even a car from the factory or a damaged vehicle in the yard which was being sold to us?

Now, we are in a dilemma whether to keep the booking and wait or shift to another car of another brand. And if we stay, do we change the colour of the car or keep the same colour? I would love our fellow BHPians to assist on this matter.

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Here’s what BHPian TSI_Exhaust had to say on the matter:

Not surprised at all. This forum is littered with stuff like this. Yes, no brand is perfect and much depends on the dealerships as well but when you don’t see improvements over a considerable period of time you tend to give up on the brand.

This is yet another example showing that brands like TATA will never become ‘global brands’ and that they can barely please Indians at home at best (their best being pretty substandard and borderline acceptable).

Here’s what BHPian saket77 had to say on the matter:

Though I am lenient with small scratches which look genuine on an otherwise new and perfect car, but if I were at your place, I would never accept this car. The scratches & worse- paint chips are far too many to be ignored. Looks like a badly handled car if it indeed came new. Results of VIN search as shared by you increase the doubt. In such a case, I would walk away from even the sweetest of deals.

Here’s what BHPian shancz had to say on the matter:

Walk away from this car is what I suggest.

Also a bit apprehensive about AMTs in general and especially Tata due to forum reports of faults and Tata’s service compounding the issue. Not trying to dissuade you, Tiago in its manual avatar is an excellent do it all car, but the AMT is a concern.

I read your post on 3rd Feb regarding your decision about going with the Tiago AMT. If you’ve made up your mind then you can disregard my previous suggestion.

But definitely get another car, this one hasn’t been kept well at the very least.

Here’s what BHPian anand.shankar82 had to say on the matter:

As a Tiago XZA owner, I will sincerely and humbly suggest you walk away from Tata and get any other AMT/CVT.

In the 4 years, I have owned mine, it has rusted, rattled, had electrical issues, left me stranded many times, and had an AMT failure already list is endless. Nowadays, I travel with an entire set of fuses and have just learnt to ignore all the annoying noises coming out of every nook-and-cranny of the car

It may be my particular car is a lemon but my advice is to give Tata a miss if you can still do so. Any Maruti/Hyundai will be a way better option (I still repent not having gone with a WagonR AMT or Santro AMT when I was purchasing)

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