I made a mistake buying the 2023 Nexon: Mixed feelings since delivery

There is no value of time or emotion for a customer who has bought a car and has been facing issues from day 1, literally hour 1.

BHPian Captain Claw recently shared this with other enthusiasts.


Have taken the delivery of the car on 24th and it has been mixed feelings since.

First of all the service touchpoints or points of contact of the dealership have been under par.

The car in itself is smashing and very good to look at although the dreaded Tata QC continues.

I seriously expected a different experience and I think I made a mistake the day I took the delivery of the car. A few km from the dealership I noticed that the car makes some kind of a clutch slip noise (like when we change gears without engaging the clutch) in the second gear D2 even when there is no gear change happening. the screen went blank for 15 mins on the drive suddenly. Started working after restarting after 1 hour. While parking the car noticed the sensors were not working, the front sensors were beeping continuously.

When reported this to the dealership they said might be a software issue and asked me to come the next day.

Next day: nobody is there to pick up the car, so they say I have to take the car to them. like ***, okay the next day, I take the car to the dealer, and they take the car to update but the issue remains unresolved. they said I’d have to visit the service center and give me an appointment for the next week!!

There is no value of time or emotion for a customer who has bought a car and has been facing all the issues from day 1 literally hour 1.

Spoke to customer care at Tata, who said they will arrange a con call with the dealer service center. which is not yet done, and I don’t see that happening any soon.

Called up the service station myself and asked them if I could show them my car over the weekend and make an appointment at the earliest.

I agree that Dusshera is a busy day for the dealership, but that doesn’t explain clearcoat scratches on the bonnet which were not present at the time of PDI in the stockyard. The color grey looks great in person thou!

Coming to the car experience, the car feels underpowered compared to Kushaq but is very good for a relaxed drive in the city.

The car is amazing but the experience has been ruined and I am literally confused and want to get all the issues fixed as soon as possible.

Looking for any possible leads or help to get the issues sorted out ASAP!

Here’s what BHPian KaartooS had to say on the matter:

Oh! That’s not the service anyone deserves. I would suggest visiting the showroom when it’s the busiest and speaking with the GM. Also, a social media post could help tag TML. It’s a new launch so it might get the social media teams active which may put pressure. I noticed you are from Thane. Is this Heritage Tata?

Here’s BHPian Captain Claw response to BHPian KaartooS:

Yes, it is Heritage Tata. have been speaking to them, just went to the service center by myself to get a check with the SA if I should be driving the car, well he was against it and asked me to get an appointment at the earliest.

I genuinely hope that this problem is fixed by the service center with just a quick fix and that I don’t have to keep connecting to the showroom. Since it seems like they are least bothered by any of this. There is not even a courtesy call. Even missed calls are not returned. I wonder how busy can they be.

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