Ideal 2-wheelers that are least affected if kept idle for a few months

Among the ones that I have known and used, the Yamaha RD 350, Hero Splendour, CD100 & TVS Scooty are among those that endure such “not in use” phases well.

BHPian anjan_c2007 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Many two-wheeler owners have some compulsions owing to which they are unable to use their moped/step-through/ bike/scooter for prolonged phases of one or many more months/ years. This thread will be apt for such owners to vote (multiple votes allowed) for the two-wheelers that cause their owner the least botheration, when self (?) or kick-started back to life for day-to-day usage. Self gets a (?) here in the text as in many cases the self-starter becomes defunct when the battery is low and will require to be either recharged or in some cases replaced due to non-use.

The older times were too ideal for such “idle for months” two-wheelers as the electricals and mechanicals were too simple and spartan. Even if kept idle for a year or two, these would fire back to life and emerge with flying colours, not letting down the owner. Only a few precautions, do’s and don’ts if followed would keep the machine in fine fettle when stored.

But the present-day two-wheelers are getting too complicated with newer generations of electronics, electricals and mechanicals. To add to the misery, we have water in our tanks with the ethanol-blended petrol coming of age, getting the blessings of Gadkariji. Even some two-plus decades ago, the then-manufactured machines could stand being stored in an idle condition for long phases. The newer generation two-wheelers though are much hassle-free and the advancements make its owners go gaga over the newer improvements and gizmos, but with a rider that most of these have to be in constant use.

If some brand and model is omitted from the poll list, it’s unintentional. Please feel free to describe your experiences about how you find the brand/model, if it’s decommissioned for months and thereafter brought back on the road for normal use.

I own and have owned some two-wheelers and would rate both the Vespa 150 and Bajaj Super, Lambretta Li 150, TVS 50, Yamaha RX 100 and Honda Activa (first generation) as hassle-free for such prolonged non-use phases. The Activa is though not as hassle-free as the others listed by me. Among the ones that I have known and used, the Rajdoot Yamaha RD 350, Hero Honda Splendour, CD 100, TVS Scooty and LML 150 NV are among those that endure such “not in use” phases well. Another affirmation for the RD 350 comes from a friend who owns one. The one he owns was not in use for more than a year. It was readied and with just three.

kicks sprung back to life. The chat with him where he was praising his “most sought after now” bike prompted me to have such a thread.

My really bad experience was with our red Suzuki Access which was not in use for a long time. Despite its having undergone a thorough fuel line cleansing, change of CDI unit plus a new battery, it is throwing surprises. Off the topic, the CDI unit by Nippon Electric that I bought cost me Rs 850=00 whereas the OE (Suzuki branded outside its cover pack) CDI unit with ASC costs Rs 2,500 plus.

We can adjudge the personality traits of a wide range of machines with personal anecdotes by owners about eccentricities and straight-headed traits of their two-wheelers.

Here’s what GTO had to say on the matter:

I’d say Ather or other electric scooters / two-wheelers. Just like, the other day, I fired up an old laptop that was in hibernation for 4 years. Started up with no issue at all. Ditto with backup smartphones we keep which are started just once in 2 – 3 years (when NRIs need them, or our primary phones are being repaired).

The fewer the mechanicals, the better for long-term parking. Just charge up the battery and these e-scooters should be good to go.

Here’s what BHPian am1m had to say on the matter:

Personal experience with 2 brands, RE and Bajaj. Thanks to remote work, I would leave Bangalore and both bikes for up to 6 months at a time. Always managed to start the Bajaj (Pulsar 180, 2009) using kick start, even if it took a few dozen tries. The RE (TB 350 AVL 2007) forget it- always required to be pushed to the nearest mechanic! Both bikes are always parked under shade, covered parking, safe from rain. Tyres would develop cracks though.

I’m not entirely sure it’s brand specific though, a lot of factors I guess, how old the bike is, how big the battery is, and how well it was maintained before the period of use.

Here’s what BHPian aviator1101 had to say on the matter:

Contrary to the belief that old REs are unreliable, I have only good experiences to share.

My 23-year-old 350cc RE CI Bullet has been in hibernation several times (including the lockdowns) and every time it is brought into use, fires up without much fuss. (What are a few extra kicks between friends )

I just take a few precautions, which I enumerate below:

  • Disconnect the battery
  • Ensure the tank is full
  • Carb is emptied
  • Wheels placed on wooden planks
  • Tyre pressures increase by 5 psi in each wheel.
  • Generous application of used engine oil and WD-40 at various places including chrome parts.
  • Precautions from rat menace.
  • With the above preparations, nothing much can go wrong.

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