Important safety features in cars which should be standard, but aren’t

Listing out the basic safety features, which although essential are deleted or neglected by OEMs.

BHPian turbospooler recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I am starting this thread with mixed emotions of anger and frustration.

I happened to notice this some time ago but what really pushed me towards penning this was a recent flurry of travels I had to take by road.

In this thread, let us collate the list of safety features which are essential, even though our Governments are focusing on higher-end safety features like airbags and neglecting these basic ones.

Of course, we need to start the list with Maruti-Suzuki:

Honda Jazz

Feel free to add in other features deleted by manufacturers which are absolutely essential and much more useful than creature comforts.

Here’s what GTO had to say on the matter:

The worst practice is some manufacturers give rear wash & wiper only in the top variants of their hatchbacks / compact SUVs. This is unpardonable, IMHO. For all body styles other than sedans, a rear wash/wipe is absolutely mandatory during the monsoons, as visibility from the rear windscreen becomes effectively zero when it’s raining, or when it gets dirty from highway driving.

Owners then have to resort to DIYs & the after-market, as BHPian Xaos636 did in this thread. Imagine selling a car with a high-tech turbo-petrol engine and a fast dual-clutch AT, but not a rear wiper?

Here’s what BHPian fhdowntheline had to say on the matter:

Got my new Tiago a while back, and for some strange reason TML has deleted the rear parking sensor while retaining the rear camera in the XZ Plus variant, what’s more, the dealer is not authorized to fit one as an accessory. It’s a different matter as to whether a car like a Tiago needs it, but wasn’t this supposed to be mandatory by law? Or is there some escape clause that I am missing?

Here’s what BHPian ld-g-p had to say on the matter:

TPMS is one such basic feature which we should expect from the base model of any 10 lakh+ cars. Imagine driving at night time with a tyre going flat on the highway and if you are alone. This has happened to me a few times including day time.

In Grand Vitara and Toyota Hyryder, you find TPMS only in the top model eCVT version. This feature is included in the genuine accessory list of TOYOTA for about 5-6 k. No information if it is included in the Grand Vitara accessory package. Also not known if this feature is compatible with the infotainment system or MID of Mild hybrid models. Even Brezza misses TPMS for the price it is asking.

Though the Auto dipper (smart headlamp/auto headlight beam) has not become popular in mainstream cars, it is one feature ignored by most OEMs. Few have given it as part of ADAS only. This can add to convenience as well as safety during nighttime driving.

Here’s what BHPian Shreyans_Jain had to say on the matter:

The rear wash wipe is a most critical feature that all manufacturers are increasingly taking liberties with. This nifty little feature should be mandatory by law in a country like ours. Instead, just about every car maker offers it only at the top or at best the one from the top variant. Even in 18-20L cars like XUV700 and Seltos. Then there is Citroen, which has simply not bothered to equip the C3 with this at all! Sad state of affairs.

Here’s what BHPian DicKy had to say on the matter:

Kudos to Nissan that the Magnite has rear wash/wipe as standard from the base itself, though the 1.0l NA engine is just meh.

Then we have companies who give us a sunroof but can’t give us rear wipers.

Maybe just like ABS/airbags/rear sensors, it should be stipulated by law, that any vehicle which has a hatchback liftgate or tailgate should have rear wash/wipe as standard.

And may I add, give ESP if there is even a mention of the term ‘SUV’ in their marketing material. If the S-Presso can have, so can 200+ bhp vehicles

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