In Pictures: Team-BHP’s charity drive to a tribal school in Shirole

This was truly a beautiful, heartwarming way to spend a Sunday morning.

BHPian Omkar recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

What a way to spend a Sunday! Thanks to everyone who made it and to those who showed support on the forum.

At the first meeting point after the Kanjurmarg flyover:

More people joined in at the second meet point:

Shreem Hyundai security guard was sure confused as to why so many cars were parked outside a Hyundai stockyard:

Parked up just before the school so that we could all enter together:

Entering the school through some very rough roads:

The founder of the school Mr Sitaram Gaikwad welcomed everyone. He went on to give a brief history of the school and his struggles during the initial days:

This is where it all started. Teaching a bunch of tribal kids in a hut:

A look at the classroom. The school was built during the Covid lockdown and recently received these benches as a part of a donation:

There’s also a computer lab:

The school also has a solar power unit. This was a contribution from HDFC. There are frequent power cuts in the area and sometimes even the transformer of the village conks off. This is the only power source during those times:

Big batteries that store power:

A look at the residential part of the school:

The school authorities were expecting 5 cars and were elated to see 14 cars parked in front of the school:

The school authorities were sweet enough to arrange breakfast, tea, and water bottles for everyone:

There’s a water filtration system in place:

Kids wash their own clothes and dry them:

A look at how clean and organized the kitchen is. The machines can make idlis or rice for over 300 kids in under an hour:

The equipment was contributed by ONGC:

A look at the massive roti maker. This machine can make over 700-800 rotis in an hour:

Female students have sewing classes on the weekends:

A look at the room for female students. About 10-15 students stay in this room. Notice how everything is neat:

Daily essentials including toothbrush, paste, and brush for washing clothes kept neatly:

Comparatively the male room was a little messy:

Next up we got a tour of the science lab. Everyone was trying to remember all the concepts they studied back in school:

A few kids also had some projects to showcase:

Continue checking out BHPian Omkar’s pics from the drive for more insights and information.

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