Incoming 911 GT3 RS caught undisguised

Thought the GT4 RS looked mad? You ain't seen nothing yet…

By Matt Bird / Wednesday, 22 June 2022 / Loading comments

Though one to file under ‘worse problems to have’, consistently improving on the Porsche GT cars won’t be an afternoon’s work. We now live in a world where a GT3 laps the Nordschleife faster than a 918 Spyder, and the GT4 RS delivers the same sort of pace as a 700hp McLaren. The old 991.2 GT3 RS was the fastest naturally aspirated car at the track everyone has an opinion on, dipping in under seven minutes with that compelling lunatic Kevin Estre at the wheel.  

Seemingly undeterred by the challenge, Porsche is aiming to go even faster with this GT3 RS. Like the non-RS GT3, this new 992 now has the advantage the double wishbone front suspension, which ought to reap considerable benefits if the GT3’s lap time is anything to go by. This car looks to be fitted with four Michelins the width of a railway track and ceramic brakes the size of bin lids, too.  

But nobody is looking at wheels or brakes, or thinking about suspension, when presented with a car that looks like this. ‘Race car for the road’ is trotted out all too often, and it would be tempting to use it here, but if anything the GT3 RS looks more aggressive than a racer. 

Never again can we use the word ‘towering’ to describe a rear spoiler, because this is the most towering ever. By a mile. It’s like a 911 carrying a surfing board, and will do nothing for visibility – yet it obviously promises immense downforce. Not least with that diffuser and those wild bumper cut outs as well. There have been some incredible looking 911 rear ends over the years, and this might be the most outrageous yet. Look at the dish on those wheels, too! 

The front end employs similar methods to old RS GT3s, albeit again with everything ramped up several notches. The familiar front arch cut outs are now the size of letterboxes, wider tracks and tyres are covered with skeletal bodywork and the aero flics – or blades might be more appropriate – climb up by the wheels. Small animals could be lost down the bonnet nostrils, quickly becoming a racy 911 hallmark.  

Evidently this is a more focused car than the regular GT3, then – that much would be clear to your nan. And although spy shots often hide the true intent of a car under disguise, this 992 is looking more production ready than ever. All that’s fitted to this car looks like actual equipment rather than anything intended to cause a diversion. Plus, well, look how extreme the GT Porsche of late have been – you wouldn’t put an actual production car like this past them.  

If the RS follows the 510hp GT3 with no more power than the 991.2 generation, that would mean 520hp for this car and just 10hp between the two. The aero package would surely ensure a faster laptime even with a small gap, but we’d expect a little more power from 991.2 to 992, even if that means ‘just’ the 530hp. Don’t forget there needs to be a decent gap to the 500hp GT4 RS, as well.  

With the 911 now shorn of disguise, it seems that the GT3 RS isn’t far from a debut. It’s almost two months now since the last 500hp+ 911, after all. We’d expect Porsche to show the rear wing (and the rest of the car) well before the end of 2022.  

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