Installed a host of accessories on my Maruti Jimny: Impressions & costs

The storage bag does eat up into rear space and I doubt will survive very long but overall a big thumbs up to it

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Its been a while since I got my Jimny. Added some accessories to the stock car:

PIAA LP550 Driving Lights:

  • Purchase Price : Baht 12500 (approx) IPF Bar – Rs 11k + customs & shipping
  • Short Review : Purchased from vvp4x4 in Bangkok. Hand carried it to India to install. Was not happy with the mounting solutions available so ordered an IPF Light Bar from Compass Auto. I feel this size was appropriate for the Jimny. Overall I am happy and they have served me well, they have even survived an side impact with a taxi and have lived to tell the tale. I have purchased full black out covers for them as-well as the stone guard you see in the picture.

Overall this setup cost me around 45k and I would say it is on the pricier side but the quality is very good and I am happy so far. I have used these extensively on my trip to Spiti and they have served me well. So if you have the budget for it definitely go for them.

Pictures on car:

Initial installation on the car: Here you can see them with the supplied stone guards:

Gap with stock grill, I will be changing the grill in the future so I can pull the lights aim up a little. Right now with stock grill the lights are angled slightly downwards

On off switch neatly mounted, love the integration of this and switchgear quality is excellent

With black covers that I purchased separately to ensure compliance with road regulations

Sensairy TPMS:

  • Purchase Price – ₹7000
  • Short review – I did have some initial hiccups with this, the installer I had taken it to did not do a proper job of installing it and was losing air in 1-2 tires post install. Had to visit a few times to get it sorted out and since then its working like a charm. I believe it to be sensitive and accurate and it has given me immense confidence on my drives. Especially to maintain temp and pressure when doing offroad driving where these things are critical. I would highly recommend it even though the price is a bit steep.

Pictures on car:

Love the neat integration with Carplay/Android Auto

Sensairy installed

Autofurnish 3D Car Auto Seat Back Multi Pocket Storage Bag Organizer:

  • Purchase Price – ₹700 (approx) for 2
  • Short review – As you can see in the picture it isn’t of great quality but does the job well. I used it extensively during my recent Spiti trip and had all the essentials hands. It does eat up into rear space and I doubt will survive very long but overall a big thumbs up especially since Jimny really suffers for storage spaces inside

Pictures on car:

Amazon Basics Corded Electric Cushion Massager with Heat, Black:

  • Purchase Price – ₹1500 (approx)
  • Short review – This is a great massager which I would highly recommend you keep in the car for long tiring journeys. It’s fantastic quality for the price and works really well

Pictures on car – NA as this is more of a comfort accessory I keep switching between cars

Trunk Hooks, Luggage Hooks for Suzuki Jimny (U Hook + D Hook):

  • Purchase Price – ~₹1200 per set
  • Short review – Ok so I picked up both style of hooks for the Jimny boot. Wanted to use these to get the cargo nets tied down effectively. Key thing to note is the U hooks should ideally be used in the bottom section which is behind the rear seat and trunk as the raised design allows easier fastening of carbiners etc. And the D hooks I’ve got them installed in the 4 bolts up above. Alongwith this I had 2 different set of nets. The Maruti OEM design works well on the floor as a tight fit. So you can shove items below it and it wont move around. The bigger cargo net works excellent for big suitcases and large luggage as it will clamp from the front top D hooks to bottom rear U hooks and secures things in place extremely well. I have subjected it to some extreme conditions and the setup held 2 large suitcases in place very well. Overall a must have IMO.

Pictures on car:

Nayasa Zelda Portable Notebook Memo Plastic Water Bottle Slim:

  • Purchase Price – ₹200
  • Short review – Wanted a water bottle that fits the door, this does the job but quality is flimsy and doubt it will last long. Its fine for the price

Pictures on car:

Windbooster Throttle Controller:

  • Purchase Price – Gift
  • Short review – This was the single most best ROI item I got for the Jimny, it really helps with the dead throttle response and makes the car way more drivable in my opinion. There is definitely a marginally negative impact on milage and it does not work well in all situations. For example I switched it to Normal mode (disabled) during high altitude off roading situations. This helps more in on road driving and also in ghats where it helps greatly reduce the throttle inputs/effort you need to give during driving on long trips. I found the sweet spot in ‘Sport’ mode with setting 5. There are many other modes but they are over responsive or silly. Overall I’d say definitely give it a try if you are unhappy with the way Jimny drives

Pictures on car:

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