Issues with my Daytona persist even after Triumph India’s involvement

I am super angry and agitated with the whole experience and it is absolutely unacceptable.

BHPian accidental.doc recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

UPDATE 22/10/2023

The bike was taken for its first ride on 22/10/23 morning. During the ride, these were the sequence of events:

  • @Odo reading of 66KM warning light comes on
  • Bike pulled over to the side
  • Engine turned off
  • Key turned back on
  • The bike refuses to start, there is no fuel pump noise, gear indicator remains at zero irrespective of whichever gear the bike is in
  • Triumph service centre is unreachable, service manager – no response
  • Tow truck called, reached after a few hours, reached home after a few more hours
  • After getting home the bike starts and the warning light and the check engine light remain ON

SUPER ANGRY and AGITATED with the experience, this is absolutely not acceptable. Not something to expect after Triumph India plant intervention and assurances.

They have not shared the invoice / bill, parts replaced, parts repaired and engine work done either.

Here’s what BHPian sac23 had to say about the matter:

At this point, you should move legally. They are valuing your life by continuously giving the bike back with faults. Consult a good lawyer and file a case. Since they haven’t yet supplied the invoice, they will get in trouble.

Here’s what BHPian octy9833 had to say about the matter:

At this point, just move ahead legally. The only thing Triumph can do is to delay the case a bit as with all things in court. With the amount of proof you have gathered, it will be a field day for your lawyer.

Here’s what BHPian CrAzY dRiVeR had to say about the matter:

Extremely disheartening to hear of issues again!

Please don’t go for legal action when the bike is with them. That effectively leaves it at their mercy thanks to our legal system delays.

Here’s what BHPian Legal_Eagle had to say about the matter:

It is really unfortunate that the issue remains unresolved as of today. I advised you when we met that you have to trust our legal system and proceed by filing a consumer case. But I seriously did not understand your unwavering faith in the Triumph service centre back then, and I do not understand it now either. Also, it is beyond my comprehension as to why you are hesitant to approach an appropriate legal forum. You would have been awarded the invoice cost along with harassment costs and litigation expenses long ago. But I sincerely hope and pray that your issues will get addressed soon.

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