Jeep Wrangler scores 1 star in the Euro NCAP

The 2018 Jeep Wrangler has been crash tested by the Euro NCAP. It got a 1-star rating, which is applicable to all the variants including the LHD and RHD ones.

According to the test report, in the frontal crash tests, the A-pillar and the trans-fascia beam were damaged in such a way that it indicated that the structure would not be able to withstand higher loads. The deformation of the footwell indicated that it had reached the limit of its integrity. Despite receiving good readings on the dummies for the knee and femur protection of the front occupants, the dashboard structures were found to be risky in case of an accident. In the full-width rigid barrier test, the driver’s chest protection was rated as marginal and neck protection was rated as weak. In the side barrier test, the Wrangler scored maximum points and offered good protection. No pole test was conducted on the car. The Wrangler scored 50% for adult protection.

In child occupant crash tests, except for protection to the neck of the 10-year old dummy, which was rated weak, the protection offered was rated as good or adequate. Child seat installation proved difficult in the SUV. The car scored 69% for child protection.

Pedestrian protection in case of frontal impact was rated poor or adequate. The bumper offered good protection to the legs while the pelvis protection was mixed. The vehicle scored 46% in pedestrian impact protection.

The Wrangler is equipped with a driver configurable speed limit function, but no lane assist or auto emergency braking (AEB).

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