JPJ eBid collects RM7,257,785 from PPP number plate series – RM3.7 million more than SYG plate series –

A total of RM7,257,785 has been collected in the five days since the PPP number plate series was open for bidding from November 5, the Road Transport Department (JPJ) has announced. This sum collected is RM3.7 million higher than the SYG number plate series which was open for bidding in June.

11,718 bidders have taken part in bids for the PPP series of number plates, and some of the highest bids received were for PPP1 at RM260,000, PPP9 at RM160,000 and PPP6 at RM140,000, said JPJ deputy director-general of planning and operations Zamakhshari Hanipah.

All number plate bids are conducted through the JPJ eBid system. Successful bidders must register the number plate on a vehicle within 12 months of the date of offer issued from JPJ state or branch offices. The remaining unregistered numbers will be released for public purchase.

Golden numbers start at a minimum bidding price of RM20,000, while two-digit attractive numbers start from RM3,000. Three-digit attractive numbers start from RM2,500 and four-digit attractive numbers start from RM2,000. Meanwhile, popular numbers start from RM500, and running numbers start from RM300.

Members of the public who are interested in purchasing the remaining available numbers from the series may get in touch with the state or branch JPJ office. The public has also been advised to have a MySIKAP ID to get the list of available numbers that have yet to be registered, which can be purchased online.

The JPJ eBid online number plate bidding system was introduced last year, and is operated under the road transport department’s existing MySIKAP online transaction system. The online bidding system offers a transparent process from registration until payment, where bidders can see rankings in real time and the bidding is free of human intervention, says JPJ.

The road transport department also announced that bidding for the KFA series of plates for Kedah and PPQ series for Penang will be open from tomorrow, November 12 until November 16, 2020.

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