Mahindra Scorpio-N Z8L petrol AT: 7 observations after a highway drive

The Scoprio-N still retains the rugged feel of the old Scorpio and I personally love that.

BHPian alokk0912 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Quick observations after first 200 Km highway ride on my Scorpio-N Z8L Petrol AT.

  • Drive and Handling is very easy and smooth both at low and high speed
  • Gear shift is noticeable especially for lower ones. Hopefully, will settle down after couple of thousand of KMs
  • I read about the busy ride at 100 Kmhr hence was watching this. I observed that RPM moves beyond 2100 when shifting gears. However, it settles around 1700 rpm real quick after the gear change and you can cruise at this RPM even at 100+ speed which makes it a great mile muncher
  • Can do crazy speeds very easily without batting an eyelid. Word of caution to fellow members who are riding BOF for the first time. Please remember that this is BOF with high centre of gravity and should be driven accordingly. Be careful at corners and curves considering that you will not even feel you are at 120
  • Still retains the ruff and tuff feel which I expect from Scorpio and I personally love that feel and makes it worth every dime
  • I was wary of MRF typres mostly in terms of noise at highway speed. However, was pleasantly surprised. Did not use the infotainment system at all to check on the NVH and it was just super. Please note that my benchmark is other BOF vehicles across price segments and not the Korean and German cars. I am sorry but I really get irritated when I see comparison with anything under the Sun
  • I am not features guy so I feel that it just had way too many!! Best part I like is that while voice alerts in my previous Scorpio was of a man, this time it is a sweet voice of a lady. Finally, even Scorpio got it that men will listen more to a lady and lady will anyways listen to a lady

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