Maruti Baleno service at 30,000 km costs me Rs 3,000

They tried to use the Alto K10 engine oil filter. This happens every time I get my car serviced.

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5th year (PMS 50) service done on my Baleno:

KMS on the ODO: 30,553

Description of parts changed

  • Engine Oil 0w20 Castrol
  • Oil filter
  • Drain plug gasket

Total bill amount: 2,982 (I was able to get a 15% discount on labour charges)

Few observations regarding the service

  • Is the engine oil capacity for Baleno 3.1 Litres? (they charged for 3.2L )
  • They were changing the oil filter with a K10 filter and I asked them to use only the K00 oil filter which has 8 holes in it. (This happens every time I get the car serviced. Does this make a difference?)
  • The only issue I faced was rear washer was not working which was promptly fixed by a technician.
  • I told them to rotate the tyres since the car was on the lift.
  • SA recommended injector cleaning which I refused. Was that necessary?
  • I did a mini DIY by changing the rear wiper blade rubber from one of the old front blades. (changed only the rubber part)

DIY pending

  • All door/hinges greasing.
  • Caliper pin greasing.

This is how the car looks after the service.

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