Maruti Jimny: 15 observations by a 6 feet tall person

The car is extremely narrow, and width wise it makes the Honda Brio’s rear bench feel massive in comparison.

BHPian medicineman1987 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Just checked out the Jimny at the Nexa Showroom in Vashi (Navi Mumbai). And here are a few observations. For context I’m 6 feet tall and quite heavily built.

  • The showroom wasn’t crowded at all. The sales reps didn’t bother approaching us and I was actually grateful for this since the average BHPian probably knows more about the Jimny than they do.
  • The kinetic yellow colour looks beautiful. In the pictures and official brochures it looked kind of greenish but in real life it looks yellowish like the international 3 door model. This is one thing that was worrying me but now my worries are put to rest.
  • The sheet metal and build is distinctly un-Maruti like and feels solid. The Grand Vitara parked next to it felt tinny in comparison. Hope MS retains this and doesn’t reserve it for the export versions like it usually does.
  • The interiors are nothing to write home about with regards to design. But everything felt well put together and solid. Hopefully won’t suffer from the MS rattles. Steering wheel felt nice to hold.
  • The car is extremely narrow, and width wise it makes the Honda Brio’s rear bench feel massive in comparison. But in every other dimension it is spacious and two six footers shouldn’t have any issues fitting in the rear seat. STRICTLY a 4 seater. If you’re looking to seat 5 then look elsewhere.
  • Boot space I felt was pretty decent for a car of its size.
  • Getting in and out of the car is easy due to the seat height. The grab rail (on the front passenger side) is perfect to hold on to while getting in and out especially helpful for elderly parents.
  • The seat sponge is too soft. Like the cheap sponge the roadside seat makers use. Long term comfort and durability is suspect.
  • Underthigh support for the rear seats isn’t as bad as I thought it would be judging from the reviews.
  • The footwell and pedals (in the AT) version are alright and I didn’t have any issues with my 10.5 size shoes.
  • On the driver side my left knee did touch the centre console when my foot was resting on the dead pedal but it wasn’t uncomfortable since the AC controls and surrounding plastic are rounded.
  • On the passenger side the flat dashboard ensures your knees don’t touch like in many modern cars and I really liked it.
  • The wheels don’t look small up close. But take a few steps back and the size mismatch becomes apparent. A tyre upsize will be the first upgrade when i get the car.

Next on the list of upgrades will be covers for the exposed rear defogger wiring, extra storage cubbies near the gear shifter and a nice mobile holder with wireless charging.

Overall no major deal breakers for me and hopefully MS prices it sensibly. Will continue holding on to my booking for now.

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