McLaren 720S Track Pack: Pic of the Week

The Track Pack makes an impact wherever it goes, including on a desktop…

There can’t have been many recent supercars that have divided opinion about how they look as much as the McLaren 720S. Some have loved it, some really haven’t, and seldom has a car seemed as sensitive to spec as the second generation Super Series McLaren.

With the latest Track Pack, particularly in Papaya Spark, it finally seems there’s more consensus than ever on the 720S being a stunning car to look at. Having the vibrant paint set off with some carbon addenda, plus the fitment of the super lightweight forged wheels, gives the car even more attitude and presence than usual.

Combine that with the favourable light found during this week’s photoshoot and you have a prime Pic of the Week contender. Well, we think so at least. Choose your resolution below and get downloading now!

Quad HD


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