McLaren Rules out Sub-$200,000 Entry Model

If a McLaren is on your wish list, you’d better keeping saving those pennies. In an interview with Automotive News, McLaren North America President Tony Joseph said that the brand won’t be introducing a sub-$200,000 entry-level sports car to combat stuff like the Jaguar F-Type, Porsche’s 718 twins, and more pedestrian flavors of 911.

When the publication asked whether or not McLaren would be pursuing a lower-priced product, the McLaren boss replied, “Not necessarily. We did launch the Sports Series two years ago, which started just under $200,000,” referencing the space in McLaren’s lineup primarily consisting of the 570S and its drop-top and Longtail variants. “Now with the Spider, you’re at $210,000 on up with options. I don’t foresee us having anything below $200,000.” Insert sad trombone noise here.

Looks like the supercars from Woking will remain, well, super with the price tags to match. It’s definitely bad news for those looking to experience McLaren ownership for a more palatable price but might be good news for the lucky few that have already joined the club. A high starting price keeps the brand exclusive and, in turn, prestigious. McLaren has already previously ruled out a money-printing SUV and considering the fact that many of its peers—Ferrari and Lamborghini included—have big off-roaders either in their showrooms or in the works, today’s news isn’t all that surprising. 

We’ve reached out to McLaren for further comment and will update this story if we hear back.

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