Mercedes-Benz Launches Subscription Service in Test Markets

On Tuesday, Mercedes-Benz launched its “Mercedes-Benz Collection” car subscription service, joining competing premium carmakers BMW, Lincoln, and Cadillac in the luxury vehicle subscription business.

Customers in the test markets of Philadelphia and Nashville can now apply for one of three subscription models: Signature, Reserve, and Premier. All three subscription levels can swap between available vehicles on a whim, and a concierge service will coordinate vehicle trades with customers. Service, insurance, and roadside assistance are also covered by Mercedes-Benz.

Monthly cost of Signature comes in at $1,095 and according to our research, is only available in Nashville at present. Available vehicles include the C 300 coupe, cabriolet, and sedan, GLC 300 crossover and coupe, SLC 300 roadster, and CLA 45 AMG sedan.

Reserve comes in at $1,595 and is available in both cities. Its customers may pick from the E 300 sedan, E 400 wagon or coupe, GLE 350 and GLC 43 crossovers, C 43 AMG sedan or coupe, and SLC 43 Roadster.

Premier membership demands $2,995, but only for residents of Philadelphia at present. Its customers can demand a variety of AMG performance vehicles and high-end non-AMG models. It also features four premium crossover and SUV models to the two available for each cheaper tier.

All three subscription levels must pay a $495 activation fee. Signature and Reserve members can pay daily fees to use vehicles from the subscription tiers above their own, a $50 and $75 daily fee respectively. Upgrades from Signature to Premier is not yet possible, as the two tiers do not yet share any markets. Available AMG vehicles do not demand special fees to use, as confirmed by a Mercedes-Benz spokesperson to The Drive via email, unless of course one requests an AMG vehicle from beyond their own subscription tier. 

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