Morgan Plus Four and Six updated for 2021

MY22 cars receive refinement and character-building changes

By Sam Sheehan / Thursday, May 27, 2021 / Loading comments

It’s fair to say that the introduction of the modern CX platform has transformed the way Morgan does business for the better. With aluminium architecture and up-to-date BMW engines and gearboxes under the bonnet, it’s now able to tweak and update models at typical OEM pace. As illustrated nicely by the latest news out of Malvern: Morgan has announced changes for its 2021 (or MY22) line-up, which include a host of ‘comfort and character’ improvements to the Plus Four and Six.

In response to customer demand, Morgan is giving its cars a new hood design, said to improve usability, refinement and, key for buyers in Britain, weather protection. It’s been achieved with a new structure that “eliminates the requirement for hood rail fasteners”, improving the fabric’s packaging around the doors and side screens. Adding to the refinement are new seats, reprofiled with more supportive padding to boost lateral and longitudinal support. Plus Four buyers can choose from a ‘comfort’ seat, or upgrade to a ‘comfort plus’, with Plus Six customers getting the latter for free.

Don’t worry, though, Morgan hasn’t gone all soft on us, because there’s also a active sports exhaust system that enables drivers of both B48- and B58-powered models to alter the soundtrack depending on the scenario. They can quieten things down when necessary, but also free up the flow for a more tuneful note at the press of a button. The note is changed using active bypass valves, giving both four- and six-pot engines the sort of vocal adjustability you’d normally only expect in a conventional sports car. The exhaust tips can be finished in polished silver or black, too.

No less important for those who plan to regularly use their MY22 Morgans is a new lockable storage compartment, which is available as an option on both the Plus Four and Plus Six. Added to the back of the luggage compartment, it adds security without affecting the existing storage capacity of either car. Adding to the functionality are a pair of LED interior lights mounted off the rear bulkhead, while a concierge (aka follow me home) function has been added to the headlights, leaving them on 30 seconds after the key has been removed from the ignition. That’s another handy feature enabled by the car’s modern electronics.

The same is true for the new dual USB outlet, which is now fitted as standard alongside the existing Bluetooth audio connectivity. While to some smartphone dependency is the antithesis of the Morgan lifestyle, most of us will appreciate being able to keep the phone battery charged up while we’re out in the car. Especially if we’re using a power-sapping satnav app to get where we’re going. Moreover, with Apple or Android doing the heavy lifting, Morgan doesn’t have to worry about ruining its traditional dash with an infotainment system. 

Morgan CEO Steve Morris said of the MY22 changes: “For 112 years Morgan has listened to its customers, offering a bespoke service that has made it famous the world over. Today, that’s as much the case as it ever was, and feedback on the Plus Four and Plus Six, which were launched in 2020 and 2019 respectively, has been carefully collated and acted on by our engineering team. The introduction of a cyclical structure to product improvement also demonstrates the progress the company has made in recent years and its new levels of commercial maturity.” That’s all sensible stuff, of course – although Morgan also definitely hasn’t forgotten how to let its hair down, as evidenced by the nine wild Plus 8 GTRs the Morgan Design and Engineering Centre is building. Which, rather excitingly, is apparently the first of “several” mad projects for 2021…

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