Most reliable small cars to buy 2018

What is the most reliable small car on sale today? Our 2018 Driver Power survey reveals all…

Reliability is the one of the most important factors for car buyers today. If you’re in the market for a used car you will want to know that it can run without faults or breakdowns, and that’s where our 2018 Driver Power customer satisfaction survey can help.

Our survey covers owners’ experiences of their cars of the last 12 months, revealing which models have excelled and which models could do better. It’s the same for large SUVs and luxury saloons as it is for city cars and superminis but it’s the more affordable end of the car market that we are interested in here as we explore the most reliable small cars on sale.

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Looking specifically at the city car and supermini classes in the 2018 Driver Power survey we’ve stated in detail the top 10 models (from 10th to first), so scroll down the page to find out what is the most reliable small car in 2018.

Driver Power 2018: top 10 most reliable small cars

10. Hyundai i20 Mk2

Driver Power reliability score: 88.68 per cent

The fact that the Mk1 Hyundai i20 has made onto the list of the top 10 most reliable small cars is impressive, not least given that it’s nearly a decade old. Also impressive is the fact that nearly 90 per cent of drivers who participated in our poll have had a year’s trouble-free motoring. 

9. Fiat Panda Mk3

Driver Power reliability score: 90.02 per cent

Another car performing well for reliability despite its advancing years is the Mk3 Fiat Panda. Although first released in 2012, it’s actually improving with age and jumps up to ninth on our list. An average proportion of survey respondents suffer Panda problems (18.3 per cent), and when they do it’s usually the suspension that’s at fault. 

8. Ford Fiesta Mk6

Driver Power reliability score: 90.03 per cent

The UK’s best-selling car is also one of the most reliable small cars with a score of 90.03 per cent. Ford Fiesta owners who responded say the car is very dependable, with just 10.7 per cent saying that they have suffered a problem. When issues do occur they are most often engine-related.

7. Nissan Note Mk1 

Driver Power reliability score: 90.25 per cent

The Mk1 Nissan Note may trail in the looks department with its tall MPV styling, but it scored well almost everywhere else on our 2018 Driver Power survey. This little runaround earns a particularly high score for reliability, so while a quarter of Note owners reported an issue of some kind to us, these faults are unlikely to have been serious.

6. Volkswagen up! Mk1

Driver Power reliability score: 90.48 per cent

The Volkswagen up! loses marks for its high servicing costs but, with build quality and reliability scoring so well, owners shouldn’t end up spending much time in the garage. Just 7.1 per cent had issues, the lowest in the top 10, with respondents reporting that problems mostly relate to the engine, suspension and brakes. 

5. Kia Picanto Mk2

Driver Power reliability score: 90.96 per cent

The Mk2 Picanto has only recently been replaced, and Kia will be hoping the new model proves to be just as reliable. The second-generation car scored well on our survey with a 90.96 per cent reliability score, good enough to make the top five, while only a small percentage (15.7 per cent) of owners reporting problems in the last year.

4. Toyota Yaris Mk3

Driver Power reliability score: 91.92 per cent

Toyota’s reputation for impressive reliability continues with the Yaris. The third-generation car, which first went on sale in 2011, shows age isn’t necessarily a bad thing. On the rare occasions it does go wrong (just 11.7 per cent), drivers taking part in our survey highlight engines and gearboxes as the main problems. 

3. Honda Jazz Mk2

Driver Power reliability score: 92.22 per cent 

The Honda Jazz sits in third place on this list, just missing out on a top two finish by 0.01 per cent. Impressive durability sets the Jazz apart, with just 12.2 per cent of owners reporting a problem. Servicing costs are also reasonable, partly because the small Honda never seems to need much work done on it.

2. Renault Clio Mk4

Driver Power reliability score: 92.23 per cent 

The Mk4 Renault Clio first arrived in 2012 and has now been on sale for six years, however it scores incredibly well for reliability with 92.23 per cent. Although a fifth of owners who responded to our Driver Power survey had suffered problems in the past year, most of the issues were relatively minor.

1. Skoda Fabia Mk2

Driver Power reliability score: 92.63 per cent

If you want a reliable small car, look no further than the Mk2 Skoda Fabia. A fair number of respondents have had a snag in the past year (28.7 per cent), with brakes most often needing attention, but overall the Fabia scored well enough (92.63 per cent) to top our Driver Power reliability list.

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