My 2019 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 ownership update: 46 months & 17,000 km

Post-service, I did one breakfast ride to Yelagiri just to ensure everything was fine.

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Fifth Service / 46 months Update (~17,000 km up)

As we hit the month of August, it was time for the annual service visit to Rideventur Kawasaki. I didn’t have any complaints whatsoever in the past ~6000km of service interval, so this was just another routine service visit.

I usually visit the service centre early in the morning so as to get Kawasaki service, Guru Unni, to look at the bike. He really is a wizard and even adjusts and calibrates the nitty gritty of the bike, paying close attention to detail to check for issues and fix anything untoward. He usually reaches the service centre very early and gets them to open it before the listed timings, it is indeed a delight to visit the Kawasaki service centre now under his leadership. One more thing is the Kawasaki service folks don’t mind us customers standing next to the bike the whole day and asking pesky doubts.

Luckily I could get Unni to service the bike himself since he was free

The bike goes on the anvil

This time, the bike needed a new air filter and on account of exceeding 3 years, Unni suggested I get the coolant replaced completely. The bike was still ready by 2 PM as promised.

Attaching the service bill copies. Normally the oil change services cost around 7000 INR. This time the total bill came to 11,000 INR on account of air filter replacement and coolant replacement.

After the fifth service update, the overall maintenance timeline looks like this

Slowly, as Covid paranoia has been receding, the better half and I have resumed our late-night dessert indulgences on weekends, when most of the roads are empty and parking spaces are safe. The Ninja is also fun to ride in the night for these midnight jaunts for some quick snacks.

The Ninja is enjoyable even for weekend midnight boredom-beating dessert runs

Post-service, I did one breakfast ride to Yelagiri just to ensure everything was fine. Nothing much to write about, so I’ll just dump some random snaps clicked during the journey.

Trying out a new lid and some riding gear refresh (more on that in a separate post)

Other miscellaneous group shots

After July’s Tanjore update we hadn’t done any overnight trips as such, barring one to Strelitzia Villas, a luxury homestay we had visited on the Ninja in September 2021 (I had posted about that last year in this thread). The owners were opening a new Villa on the same property and invited us to try the new villa. It was at the peak of monsoons, raining cats and dogs the whole time and we couldn’t really do much outdoors there after riding to the place. We just enjoyed some amazing food, enjoyed the villa, made good use of the Jacuzzi and got back home. Posting some snaps of Strelitzia’s new villa here, didn’t even take the camera along this time and didn’t click too many pictures either.

Meanwhile the Ninja’s garage sibling, the Honda CB 500X has been racking up some miles and stealing a few overnight trips too.

That’s all for now!

There were a couple of trips planned on the Ninja for September’s first and second weeks, but we had to call them off due to the horrible weather and flooding reports. Those should happen in October and November to some lovely offbeat destinations, so some more trip updates are lined up for the days to come! Thanks for reading!

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