My 2020 VW Tiguan: 2 years and 6,500 km update

I don’t know how the air conditioning vent adjustment lever of the leftmost passenger side vent broke.

BHPian baskar recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

A quick update on my car. Mine is an Onyx White Tiguan 2.0 TDI BS4 model, bought in 2020. Run only 6500 KM in 2 years.

The car was displaying ESC, traction control and other errors on the dashboard. They used to go away after switching off the ignition and turning it on after a few mins. Since the usage was low, I didn’t really bother too much about it. But a few days back, the errors started coming more frequently. Did not want to take chances and fixed an appointment with VW service. Turned out to be an ABS Sensor issue on the front wheel. This was replaced under warranty and the car was returned after 2 days. Now running fine. For a change, it was a decent experience at the VW service center. I was kept updated on the progress and the car was delivered at home free of cost.

The a/c vent adjustment lever on the leftmost passenger side vent is broken, don’t know how it happened. Tried to use quickfix to stick it but it is not working. Looking out for just that part alone. But it requires the dashboard to be taken out. The slider attaches to a clip on the inside of the vent to adjust the louvres.

Here’s what BHPian KKapadia had to say about the matter:

That’s typical VW. All my Jetta vents have been repaired/replaced at some point in its life. Thought the Tiguan would be a notch higher in quality.

You don’t need to remove the dashboard at all. VW guys can fix it as it is. You need to have the broken bits of the slider with you. They will fix it back on. At least the Mumbai service centre does a good job of that.

They might likely tell you to buy a new vent to keep the cash registers rolling but if you insist on repair they can easily do it literally for free.

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