My 2022 Jeep Compass petrol AT: Observations after the first 1000 kms

The engine and gearbox does take a while to open up completely, the gearbox still felt a little ‘stiff’ and ‘hesitant’ up until the 700 km mark and then started to open up.

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Hi everyone,

Wanted to give a quick update- I’ve just finished the first 1000 kms on my 2022 5th Anniversary Petrol AT. Overall the first 1000 kms have been pretty much seamless but there are a couple of things that I’ve noticed:

  • The engine and gearbox does take a while to open up completely, the gearbox still felt a little ‘stiff’ and ‘hesitant’ up until the 700 km mark and then started to open up. There are still times when I try and do a quick overtake at speeds below 40kph and the gearbox feels like its turned off for a second before it kicks in and drops down a few gears. I’ve also noticed a clattering sound at times from the gearbox when you are about to come to a stop after being at 70+ kph. Not sure if this is something I need to worry about or if it’s just a mechanical sound that is normal.
  • Drive and ride quality- At slow speeds the ride quality is a bit stiff but not uncomfortable. My typical commute is from SoBo to BKC so the roads are pretty decent. Once you get up to speed the car feels much more planted and soaks up a lot of the smaller potholes and expansion joints. The 1.4 may not be the most enthusiastic motor but it pulls nicely once you are in the desired rev band. The only times you’ll feel a lack of grunt is when you are trying to wiggle around city traffic but this is something you get used to and will be able to adapt your driving style to get the most out of the car when needed.
  • Infotainment- One of the best parts of the car, it’s super slick and a breeze to use. I’ve been only using the wireless Apple CarPlay and it’s been seamless. It connects as soon as the car is turned on and once the screen comes on it instantly takes you to CarPlay. The only issue here is that the screen is a fingerprint magnet and if that’s something that annoys you, you will find yourself constantly cleaning the screen. A good microfibre cloth seems to do the job for me.
  • Build quality- This has been a concern with Jeeps and I have been expecting my share of rattles and squeaks. I had a horrible rattle sound from the left rear door two days after taking delivery and had to send the car back. Fortunately Landmark was able to resolve the issue in a couple of hours. Since then I’ve not had too many bad rattles but you do hear the occasional squeak from the centre console or the dashboard, specially when going over rough patches.

However, there’s is a rattle sound from a few of the doors when playing bass heavy music that has come up recently. I was able to mitigate this by tweaking the settings and turning off loudness but this still an issue if the volume is above 20. I’ve been thinking of using damping material in the doors in order to solve this, does anyone have an idea if that will be helpful?

Thank you for the support and feel free to reach out if you have a any questions about my experience.

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