My new Nexon facelift DCA comes home: Likes & dislikes after 2 days

The steering feels very sorted for city drives. Have to take it on a long drive to test it further.

BHPian Pathfinder99 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Happy to report that I got my delivery a couple of days back. Writing this review after driving about 75 km in two days.

PDI – The staff was quite supportive. I realised that the SA was not that knowledgeable about the product, but it didn’t matter because he was eager to help and I had watched every single video available on YouTube about Nexon facelift The inspection went smoothly as I found everything working just fine. There were some quality issues regarding fit and finish but that is expected from Tata. For example, the gap between the boot door and the body is not the same on either side. It’s not that noticeable but once you see it it’s hard not to see. Anyways I had made peace with such expected niggles when I switched from Elevate to Nexon because it made more sense to my needs.

Two things I love:

Two things I like:

Two things I hate:

I think these two issues can be resolved by an update. Fingers crossed.

Apart from that I absolutely love driving around in this car. Planning a long drive this weekend to explore more.

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