My Toyota Hyryder Hybrid: 8 pros & 8 cons observed after a 900 km trip

Braking is super-smooth, however hard you press the pedal. The regenerative braking helps better fuel economy without sacrificing performance.

BHPian Prakash Rao recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

After another 900 Kms across TN (compared to the pot-holed ridden and backbreaking humps in Karnataka, the flawless world-class highway passing through Krishnagiri is being asphalted again, despite being near perfect), I have some additional observations and personal remarks.

I sincerely hope Toyota India HQ will take note, while it is indeed surprising that even after 6 months, the reputed, customer-centric-company has not released any software update/patch for the buggy, infotainment and navigation system in the Hyryder Hybrid.


  • Excellent suspension, extremely smooth, provided you keep all the four tyre’s pressure within 210 kPa (31 psi) to 220 kPa (32 psi). Pls note that despite all tyre’s filled afresh with Nitrogen, yet the pressure increases while riding in hot sun on the highways.
  • Most stable ride even at 140 Km/hr.
  • Maneuvering across a bank or high kerb or sharp turn is comfortably stable even at high speeds. I tried on a very sharp turn at up to 80Km/hr. Any speed above this will probably be considered harsh cornering and unsafe for this SUV and I would say strictly not advisable. You will not only experience tire squealing but dangerously risk getting skidded, due to traction & control loss.
  • Overtaking is a breeze. Thanks to the adrenaline boost from the extra power provided by the electric motor, you can literally overtake almost any vehicle in the city.
  • Braking is super-smooth, however hard you press the pedal. The regenerative braking helps better fuel economy without sacrificing performance.
  • At lower speeds, the SUV is indeed totally quiet. Only the illuminated dashboard indicates the vehicle is on!
  • Headlight is powerful enough.
  • 360 degrees camera system is a major help for parking in tight spaces and narrow roads.


  • Voice activation has to be disabled permanently.
  • The large panoramic sunroof is a big problem. A blunder or sales gimmick with absolutely no serious benefit. Not only does it eat-up precious headroom, it gets so unbelievably hot in the afternoon that the AC at full blast, is hardly effective! Since the sun-film I installed is of no tangible use, I recently got a very large silver foil tucked in carefully between the glass and the netted cloth mesh. However, it still heats-up the car.
  • There is a feature which increases the volume automatically depending on the increase in speed to compensate the outside road noise. Despite deactivating this, the FM radio suddenly switches on at high volume. It is not only a nuisance but very embarrassing too, especially at traffic signals.
  • The HUD (even when linked with Android Auto) is useless and more of a distraction. You can use the large screen of the main display and shut-down the HUD permanently.
  • Opening the rear door using the key would have been a big help.
  • Ventilated seats (even at setting #3) are not powerful enough on a hot day. And the highest setting is too noisy.
  • ACC ought to have been offered. Those who have driven long distance with Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC). will agree that it is a major feature that is missing and is most relevant for Indian highways. Basically, if the car ahead slows down, the ACC can automatically match it.
  • After driving over 150Kms, you will experince pain in the buttock and back, because of total lack of lumbar support combined with a narrow seat. Despite changing posture often, the pain sustains! I have noticed some relief with a small sized, ultra-soft headrest pillow attached (strap-on) to the seat.

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