My used 2012 Honda City AT: Trudging along even after poor maintenance

I’ve come to realise that this is a true fill-it-shut-it-forget-it kind of car.

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Hi everyone, Almira has been trudging along quite nicely, with some minor scares here and there – none of her fault.

The engine oil was almost completely drained because the oil filter was not installed correctly, or something must have hit it from under while I was coming from Pune to Mumbai. I wish there was an engine check light which comes on for low oil level – does it? I was saved by a whisker.

She has been used like a workhorse, the maintenance has been infrequent, and there are some small rattles.

All four doors have been completely eroded due to rust, and I have been putting off that expense for far too long – guilty as charged.

Recently a tyre burst on the highway because it was far too old, thankfully I was able to control it and no other vehicle was in the vicinity.

All in all, I have been extremely negligent of her, probably one of the few confessions of Team Bhp of outright negligence towards their automobile.

All said and done, I expect a few scoldings in reply to this update, and I will be maintaining her more religiously again from now on.

All these points are being highlighted that the City just keeps trudging along, a true fill-it-shut-it-forget-it kind of car, and whatever niggles there would be, would be because owners are not paying attention over long periods of time.

I will be getting her serviced through Nelly’s Auto in the coming week, and plan on getting the transmission oil changed as well along with a comprehensive service. I want to bring her in top shape mechanically before moving on to the doors replacements and other cosmetic needs.

I have flirted a lot of times with “If I was in the market for a second-hand car right now for 4-5L which one would I have opted for” and I still can’t find a better option than the 2012 Honda City.

I need to wake up from my slumber and treat her right.

Posting some photos from a recent trip – until further updates soon.

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