Need advice: Brake shudder on my Skoda Rapid after brushing a curb

If I drive the car at a bit of high speed on the highway (at 100+ kmph) and if I brake steadily, there is some sort of vibration till the moment I am braking.

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Couple of days back the inside part of my left tyres had a brush with the side part of the road. I was driving on a single lane road where at the edge of the roads were met with a rock and dirt pathway that were about half a feet below the road. When I was driving around 40 kmph, a truck came in the opposite direction and I had to steer left to make some space. Now since I was driving a little fast, I was trying to avoid getting down half my car on the rocky patch and tried to stay as much on road as possible. But I had to steer left a bit to avoid the truck and in the confusion to move left or not, I just moved enough that the inner wall of my tyres scraped the side of the road.

Now, since then, if I drove the car at a bit of high speed on the highway (at 100+ kmph) and if I brake steadily, there is some sort of vibration till the moment I am braking. I don’t feel this vibration otherwise while driving or even when braking in low speeds. Also, I don’t drive 100+ kmph much so I cannot recall if this used to happen every time or not. Is this a normal behaviour? Or should I check something?

Thanks in advance

Here’s what BHPian GrandTourer had to say on the matter:

This sounds like a warped brake disc. It’s a very common issue with VW/Skoda. Over time the shuddering or vibrations will get worse and start happening while braking from 80+, 70+, etc.

One solution is to get the brake disc skimmed, but keep in mind that you can do this once or at max twice, because you’d essentially be scraping off the brake disc surface.

A more long term solution would be to invest in good brake discs and pads (not VW/Skoda stock).

I don’t think it’s related to your sidewall issue, but do get it checked at a good tyre dealer. I see you’re from Bangalore, so try Madhu’s (very popular among BHPians) for checking your wheel alignment and balance.

Here’s what BHPian sajusherief had to say on the matter:

This definitely sounds like a warped disc issue. I have seen this in some cars which had a pothole impact or curb impact. I would personally recommend replacing the disc and pad rather than repairing it.

Here’s what BHPian itwasntme had to say on the matter:

Very true. Please avoid driving as much as you can, and especially at speeds. If possible, hoist the vehicle and carefully inspect all the suspension components including the tyres, rims, brake disc and related components, and the tie-rod, ball joints, lower arm linkages (if any) and the rubber boots.

I will be easier and cheaper to nip the problem in the bud than wait for further degradation. VAG vehicles need such TLC

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