New Fiat Topolino launched

It's got no doors. That means instant 'want' for Fiat's new Ami-based electric city car

By John Howell / Wednesday, 31 May 2023 / Loading comments

Here’s something cheeky, light-hearted and wholesome – although you’ll be the judge of that, of course. What do you think of the new Fiat Topolino? Kind of sweet, isn’t it? It’s based on the Citroen Ami, which itself brings a splash of colour to city streets, and, like the Ami, the all-electric Topolino is conveniently designated as a quadricycle.

That means it isn’t fast. No, no, no. Power output is limited to just 4kW (5hp) and the top speed must be no more than 28mph. Before you scoff, though, in some European countries that allows 14-year-olds to get behind the wheel and their first taste of freedom. I am all for that. Although the Topolino looks even more like the original Fiat 500 than the current Fiat 500 (click here to read the review of the Abarth 500e), its name is taken from what was one of the smallest cars in the world back in 1936. That original Topolino wasn’t overburdened with power and speed, either. It came with a 569cc, side-valve four-cylinder producing 13hp, which would propel it, eventually, to 53mph.  

Fiat hasn’t said much about this Topolino’s technical specifications, but as it’s based on the Ami, it’s fair to assume the same 5.5kWh battery will be used, giving it a city range of up to 46 miles. And being built for the city means it should equal the Ami’s on-a-dime turning circle of 7.2 metres. If it also matches the Ami’s 2.4-metre length you’ll be able to nose into small parking spaces as well.

Fiat says the Topolino will ‘make young people fall in love with cars again,’ which would be no bad thing. Apparently it will play ‘a socially active role in promoting electric mobility in cities and a special role in creating a personal mobility solution for the whole family’. Speaking of Fiat’s promotion of electric mobility, the Topolino also fits with its ethos that ‘It’s only green when it’s green for all’ – meaning an electric option (with a roof) that is open to those on tighter budgets. The only issue as far, as I can see, is that it sounds as if it’s not coming officially to the UK. Bet you’ll see a few imported ones, though, because it’s a car without doors, and those are, more often than not, even cooler to be seen in than a supercar.

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