New Scorpio or used Fortuner: What’d be an ideal choice for a builder

I need to go to sites in various locations which usually require off-roading.

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Hi, petrolheads!

I am planning to buy an SUV under Rs 20 lakhs for rough usage. I’m a builder and need to go to sites, that usually require off-roading. What I want to ask is, should I go for the Scorpio Classic S11 or a 2015-16 model Toyota Fortuner? Such a Fortuner will cost almost the same as the Scorpio!

What should be an ideal choice?

Here’s what GTO had to say about the matter:

Forget the Scorpio Classic, it is way too old & outdated.

Stretch your budget a little bit more and get the Scorpio-N, it is vastly superior to the Scorpio Classic.

In case the “image” you project is very important to your business & customers, only then get the pre-owned Fortuner. Else, the Scorpio-N should be your no.1 choice.

Here’s what BHPian bijims had to say about the matter:

Ideally, you could get a Scorpio-N Z4 or Z6 for under 20 lakhs and I think you should go for it instead of the Scorpio Classic.

As far an 8-year-old Fortuner is concerned, you could go for it provided you are sure the car is in good condition, however since its past 8 years, maintenance and issues are likely to crop up too, so that should also be taken into account.

New cars are always a safer bet in my opinion.

Here’s what BHPian AROO7 had to say about the matter:

Instead of Scorpio Classic get the Scorpio N. It is way better than the former. As for the Fortuner, it will be a good pick but depends on the condition you get one in. If it is single-hand driven, well-maintained, and company-serviced then you can look for it. But remember Fortuner from that vintage wasn’t the most refined in terms of ride quality and braking performance. It improved a lot in 2018 and later models. Coming to your usage you also need to consider the yearly running and upkeep costs which will be higher for the Fortuner starting from day 1 but in a new Scorpio N at least the first couple of years will be easy on the pocket.

Here’s what BHPian shankar.balan had to say about the matter:

Since you’re thinking Fortuner, have you considered finding a Scorpio Getaway? You may find that to be a great mix of utility for work and for transport. And its 4-wheel drive plus its torque is absolutely huge.

The top-spec Scorpio Classic indeed might be a good choice for your own transport needs provided you get the 4WD capability. The Classic has a shorter wheelbase and is quite maneuvrable in tighter spots.

The Scorpio N in its 4WD Z4 guise definitely looks like wonderful value for money and will do all that you ask of it. It is more comfortable than the Fortuner in Row No 2.

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