Outrageously Dump Mustang Vs A45 Street Race Has Crashy Consequences

It should be fairly obvious that racing another car at speeds of up to 110mph on any road – let alone a busy city street – is incredibly stupid, but just in case, here’s some proof.

The video above was shot in the Gangbuk District of Seoul, Korea. It’s dashcam footage from a Ford Mustang, which was raced against a Mercedes-AMG A45 that we only see a portion of at the 31sec mark and a brief flash of later on.

As the Mustang crashes, we catch a brief glimpse of the following Mercedes-AMG A45

Both cars were said to be driving at speeds of up to 177kmh (110mph) in a 60kmh zone (37mph). The Mustang is seen aggressively manoeuvring around traffic, before getting stuck behind a scooter. The driver then accelerates and turns sharply, hitting a fence in the process. That’s when the car spins, smashes into a tree (with enough force to cut it down) and wipes out a parked motorbike.

Thankfully, no bystanders were hit when the car crashed, but this sorry story could have easily had a nastier ending.

Video via Motor 1

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