PH Forums Secret Santa

It may not have begun to look a lot like Christmas yet, but the time for Secret Santa is now!

Christmas is the worst, isn’t it? Spending time with family, watching TV with family, eating with family… These are people that you already know, people who are forced to associate with you by unfortunate coincidence of birth or marriage. What you really want at Christmas, is strangers.

Strangers from the internet, to be precise, and to be preciser still, strangers from the PH forums. Think of them as the three wise men to your very own baby Jesus, reaching out from afar to bring you gifts for which you have no practical use. I do, of course, jest, the forums are about as close to a family as it gets online. From the people you look to for trusted advice, to the weird uncle who always turns the conversation back to immigrants, it’s all there.

To celebrate that fact, PHer ‘geeks’ is once more running his time-honored Secret Santa. As a brief overview, you’ll need to register your interest by PM-ing your details to him before 10pm on the closing date this Sunday, November 4th 2018.

Soon after you should receive an email with your gift recipient’s details. Following a little online sleuthing to help decide what to get them, just purchase your gift – target spend is £10 +P&P – wrap it in the PH wrapping paper provided, and send it off!

Email ‘geeks’ to let him know the present is on its way, then sit back and wait until Christmas Day when you can open your own gift – an item guaranteed to bring you greater joy than anything your rubbish real family will give you.

The closing date for entries is November 4th so time to sign up is running out. To get involved, click here. Merry October!

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