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The Pirelli Cinturato range of tyres now has a new addition, the Cinturato Rosso that goes on sale as an aftermarket tyre here in Malaysia through official distributor Kit Loong Tayaria.

The Cinturato Rosso joins Cinturato P1, P6, P7 Evo and Dragon Sport as well as the Scorpion range in the Pirelli passenger car tyre line-up, complementing the aforementioned tyre models for the small and medium-sized car, SUV as well as luxury SUV segments in the high performance and ultra high performance (UHP) tyre categories.

Covering a wide range of passenger vehicle segments means that a wide range of sizes is required, and here the Cinturato Rosso is offered in 67 sizes spanning rim diameters from 15 inches to 21 inches, widths from 195 mm to 295 mm and aspect ratios from 65% to 30% for the lowest-profile offering, with speed ratings of H, V, W and Y.

Aimed at offering greater mileage, improved grip in both wet and dry conditions as well as reduced noise, the Cinturato Rosso achieves a 4% improvement in subjective comfort, while mileage and efficiency has been improved by 8%, when compared to the Cinturato P1 tyre.

The Cinturato Rosso achieves a 6% wider contact patch under braking from 100 km/h to zero in dry conditions when measured for the 245/45R18 97Y size fitted to an Audi A4, while braking performance in the dry has been measured to be three metres, or 10% shorter when decelerating from 80 km/h to zero as measured for the 215/55R17 size fitted to a Toyota Camry.

Meanwhile, wet braking has also improved by 10% for the same 17-inch size on the Toyota Camry, says Pirelli. The Cinturato Rosso has a sea-to-land ratio of 28%, while water drainage performance is enhanced by the use of variable-depth transverse grooves as well as a loose five-degree longitudinal channel that opens under load and drains water away from the tyre’s footprint.

Improvements in braking and handling performance have been made possible through the high shoulder curvature design, says Pirelli, which creates a greater enlargement of the contact patch with a uniform distribution of pressure.

Made in China for the Southeast Asian market, the Pirelli Cinturato Rosso is now on sale in Malaysia through all authorised Pirelli dealers nationwide, and prices start from RM250 through to RM1,500.

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