Pleasant experience at Tata’s dedicated EV ASC for my Nexon EV service

I was politely asked to chill in the customer lounge but I preferred roaming around in the service shop – the mechanics on the shop actually mingled well.

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1st Service Update:

After reading many of the harrowing servicing stories of our fellow Team BHPians, I was pleasantly surprised when I visited Arya motors Wazirabad (Gurgaon) for my Nexon EV Prime XZ+’s first servicing.

I think all of us would be glad to know that the Arya Tata motors guys have opened a dedicated after sales service center for EVs at Wazirabad, Gurgaon. 

A quick recap of what followed:

  • The service shop floor guys were surprisingly soft-spoken and helpful. When I had went to the other dealer for my PDI, the staff of that showroom was crass, to say the least. Glad that I chose a different service shop this time, closer to my office.
  • No puffed up cost. They did what they were supposed to – asked me about any concerns I had ( I had no major concerns really – except some minor ones like the wiper is noisy at times, the rear camera alignment looked a bit crooked to me, and one of the rain visors had come off from the corner). The Service advisors gave understanding nods, and noted all of these niggles in the job card.
  • I was politely asked to chill in the customer lounge but I preferred roaming around in the service shop – the mechanics on the shop actually mingled well. I chatted with a mechanic who was patiently attending to another Nexon EV Max. I guess the max had its 2nd servicing being done. The mechanic politely asked how much range I was getting, and said come winter you will get more because AC usage will be lesser. I nodded along.
  • When it was my car’s turn – the mechanic lifted the car, checked the suspension, checked the electronics, double checked the parking camera alignment (there was nothing there, really), topped up a few fluids under the bonnet (guessing by its green color, must be the coolant), and sent the car for washing. They mixed a tata motors shampoo in the wiper fluid container, glued back the rain visor with some 3m tape and the car was good to go.
  • Bonus – the service advisor also noted that my car had 14% SOC and hence i should top it up a bit before heading home so that there is no range anxiety. I patiently waited as they slow charged the car to some 20% odd SOC. My home was around 25km from the service center so I was sorted.

Some observations:

  • Sometimes its good to keep one’s expectations so low that everything routine looks good.
  • Looks like at least Arya Tata Gurgaon is serious about the ASS of Nexon EV customers. They won my heart today. Credit should be given where due. The chatty service advisor also said that there is a second EV dedicated service center functioning by arya tata in delhi. I cant seem to recollect the locality he mentioned.
  • I have been a rather satisfied customer of Maruti Suzuki Nexa service experience. In the last 4 and a half years, I never had a problem at those nexa service centers for my ciaz, and I was hoping for a half decent exprience. I got full.
  • In case you own a nexon ev in and around Delhi NCR, do visit the dedicated EV service center of Arya Tata. Well recommended.

Hope they continue doing what they are doing.

Lastly – I understand this is servicing #1 – hence no friction is really expected. Will be interesting to see how they behave once there are major challenges coming in. Will update this review then.

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