Porsche 911 Reimagined by Singer for sale

The wait for your own Singer build can be measured in years. And this one's not even run in…

By Matt Bird / Sunday, April 4, 2021 / Loading comments

Is there anything left to say about Singer Vehicle Design? The world of air-cooled 911s – and 964s specifically – hasn’t really been the same since Rob Dickinson decided to really make something of his Porsche obsession. The companies that have followed in its wake would imply that imitation is very much the sincerest form of flattery; sometimes it seems the rare 964s are the ones that haven’t been backdated…

For proof of the success in little more than a decade, look at the kind of projects now being worked on. From meticulous restorations and reimaginations of 964s there are now collaborations with Williams and Tuthill, resulting in truly spectacular creations like the DLS and Safari. There’s very much still a lot of unsated appetite for what Singer Vehicle Design is offering.

For those that haven’t seen, well, where have you been since 2009? Though the process is incredibly labour intensive and the work meticulous. The appeal of what Singer creates could hardly be easier to explain: it’s the classic 911 silhouette, made to look, drive and feel as wonderful as it possibly ever could. That means the very best people and materials, plus thousands of hours and enormous amounts of money. Every detail is obsessed over, with the customer involved in every part of the process. It all sounds fairly fabulous.

As such, it’s not often that anything produced by Singer Vehicle Design comes up for sale. After all, if you’d collaborated with them (and handed over hundreds of thousands of pounds) to get your vision of a perfect air-cooled 911, then selling would surely be the last thing to think about.

But situations change, which means there’s now the opportunity to skip the queue (of a few years) and get a completed car. Obviously all the Porsche 911s reimagined by Singer are pretty special, but this one holds additional appeal (at least to a UK audience) as a right-hand drive build. It’s only covered 780 miles since leaving California, too. Ohlins dampers, a six-speed manual and the Track front seats complete a very desirable spec.

The colour is Dark Ivory, a nod to the ivory shade offered on the 356 and 911s of the early 70s. It’s paired with tan leather (which even extends to the roll bar) for a stunning interior. Fawning over just how good one of these cars looks seems a little trite in 2021, but they really are spectacular machines.

As such, it’s going to cost the next owner a spectacular amount of money. This particular Porsche 911 is listed as POA; last year a similar car – 4.0-litre engine, less than 1,000 miles – was on offer at $1m in the US. It’s easy to assume a build that’s made its way from California to the UK may well be worth a million sterling. But that’s a deal, sadly, that none of us here will be finalising soon. Someone will, though – and what a car they’re going to get in return.

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