Porsche Covers its Enormously Complicated and Ridiculously Overloaded 911 Range

Confession time: I don’t know what the hell 911 people are talking about most of the time. Apart from the 911 GT2 RS (whose distinction from the 911 GT3 RS is a little unclear to me) the 911 lineup is a frightening an mysterious mess to me and I can’t tell one from the other.

Seriously, you could rattle off all the suffixes you wanted and I still wouldn’t know if your 911 was designed to impress your golf buddies or blitz the Nurburgring faster than a Lambo.

Fortunately, I seem not to be the only one, because Porsche has taken time out of its busy 911-naming schedule to actually go through the whole lineup. And time it must have taken, too, because there are no fewer than 24 variations of 911 available to buyers. How does Porsche train its salespeople?

Got that? Good. Alright, the next test is on chassis codes and which ones are worth mere thousands versus which are worth millions for some reason.

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