Quick observations of my Honda CB 350RS after 1000 km: Likes & dislikes

The acceleration once in the power band is about right for the city and 2-lane roads.

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Well, that’s the beauty of the machine, it doesn’t feel stressed at all. In fact, it sounds and feels like in the sweet spot zone. I don’t think too much about ECO myself, it showed up and I noticed.

Anyway, here I am with a short review at 999 km with 1st SVC done. A km more and I would have been in traffic snarls for the next 40 km so I thought to capture it then and there

Accessories added:

Accessories being considered:


Disliked- Horn & indicator placement – Been in a few scary situations and all I was doing during those crucial seconds was cancelling the indicator when actually I wanted to warn that dog & cyclist about me about to crash into them. Luckily there were some more moments and I was able to honk in time.

Disliked- Power Lag where it shouldn’t be for a few seconds

Try accelerating in 3rd gear at 30 km/h and 4th gear at 40 km/h and all I would get is zero response from the engine. That’s the time for deep breathing. In a few seconds (still in 3rd gear) I’ll be at 40, and then the action restarts all the way to 75 km/h and this long power band is the good part.

Loved the Long power band – As I had mentioned in an earlier post, I really like this part. 3rd gear from low 20s till about easy 75 km/h and 4th from low 30s till 100 km/h, covers all except highway scenarios and it does with finesse. The engine refinement is top-notch. The acceleration once in the power band is about right for the city and 2-lane roads.

Love the 19″ front, good GC, nimbleness, wider 150-section rear, and block pattern tires all of which make it suitable for my riding style. I don’t have to think if this is the horse for the course. I’ve taken RS where my 250SX and Tiger have gone, noticeably through village roads, bad patches, rumble strips, and pointy speed breakers and it’s a star performance from RS.

The one improvement to do here is to increase the handlebar height to get a better grip on the handle as I ride standing up a lot. It’s not a great highway steed due to the wind blast I experienced but that I knew when buying.

In a nutshell a go-anywhere, very practical motorcycle, that I wanted.

Reliability is something I’m assuming is there; it won’t leave me stranded. Let’s see.

Lastly, is there a “connection”? Well, after all these years, if only the thoughts of that ‘feeling while riding RS’ make me go to work on RS when I have other rides and the option to WFH, that says something about the connection.

Perhaps the attraction of the early days, the hot new engine aroma but I’m hopeful it would last.

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