Ratty Rescue: Jersey Shore GTI

Must. Not. Make. MTV references. Today’s Ratty Rescue may have spent too much time in the sun, it’s definitely been around the block a few times, and its star is definitely faded (so much for not making references to Snooki and her crew). If you liked our Find Of The Day earlier this week, well, this GTI needs some GTL: some gym, tanning, and laundry.

With over 170,000 miles, this hot hatch has seen some action. The seller, VWVortex member gtiboy66, has done some work on the car recently. It has a new clutch, flywheel, PCV system, and a few other things. The ad states the car runs and drives well, but The Situation is probably not quite perfect with this GTI’s performance. With a few performance injections, this hatch can get back to hottie status. A KO4 turbocharger upgrade would be like a testosterone injection.

Like the fine lines around JWoww’s eyes, the body of this GTI needs some attention. The clearcoat is neither; it’s now far from clear and it certainly doesn’t cover the entire car. It’s time to get this car out of the sun and get it to a professional body shop ASAP.

While we’re sure gtiboy66 has taken good care of this car, with 178,000 miles, this GTI will need a good scrubbing. The one interior photo doesn’t show the overall condition of the inside, so you’ll need to request more. We’ll refrain from mentioning dead peeling skin, protein farts, and crusty bronzer in the fabric. You’re welcome.

What’s so great with this GTI? With a price similar to an off-season shore rental, there are lots of funds left for enhancements. For only $4,800, you’ll be fist-pumping all the way to the club. Take a look at the ad in our classifieds for more information.

Tell Snooki we said hi.

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