Rolls-Royce Phantom's 'Privacy Suite' feature is for paranoid oligarchs

Don't want your chauffeur to hear your phone conversation about that upcoming oil deal with Bahrain, or who you're installing as the next defense minister of Ukraine? There's now a solution for that, to use a modern phrase, and it's a soundproof wall that's the latest option in the extended-wheelbase Rolls-Royce Phantom.

At the Chengdu auto show in China Rolls-Royce debuted the Privacy Suite — a soundproof partition for the interior of the long-wheelbase Phantom sedan meant to keep sound out of the driver's compartment. Seemingly targeted at paranoid oligarchs who still want to be seen rolling around in something as flash as a Phantom, the Privacy Suite also features electrochromatic glass that turns opaque at the press of a button.

"The Privacy Suite also represents a leap forward in sound absorption in a motor car that is already hailed as the quietest in the world, delivering the highest possible levels of acoustic insulation," the Anglo-Germanic automaker says. "A frequency-specific compound inhibits the transmission of conversations in the rear cabin to the front cabin, yet a fully integrated Intercom System allows communication on demand. Controlled by the rear passenger, the Intercom System can be used to open a direct line to the driver at the press of a button whilst the driver is able to ‘call’ the rear occupants, who can choose to answer or reject the communication."

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