See Pro Drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr. Spin Donuts In His Ford GT

He also heads to the track for some high-speed hot laps with fans in the passenger seat.

When Ford announced it would only build 1,000 GT supercars over a period of four years, we knew it was destined to become a collector item relegated primarily to garage duty, where it would no doubt sit until it appreciated enough in value to be sold for a tidy profit. The automaker even sought to keep hand-picked Ford GT buyers from flipping newly purchased cars through a two-year no-sale agreement, but with two cars now having sold at auction for well over a million dollars each, the publicity for Ford’s ultra-exclusive supercar has very little to do with its performance chops these days. Enter pro drifter and Ford driver Vaughn Gittin Jr., who doesn’t seem the least bit interested in the almighty dollar. And for that, we are very grateful.

Ford Performance recently released a pair of videos featuring Gittin Jr. and his gloriously gray GT, and unlike pretty much every other GT video we’ve seen in the last year or so, these actually show the car in action. We’re not talking a leisurely cruise around the neighborhood either – this GT actually goes to the track for hot laps, and yes, since Gittin Jr. is a pro drifter, we are also treated to a few Ford GT donuts. Take that John Cena.

The videos are titled “Vaugh Gittin Jr.’s fFordGT: ‘The Dream’” and they chronicle the pro driver’s journey from ordering the supercar, to actually getting it. That of course includes getting his mom in the car to demonstrate the supercar’s launch control, as well as plenty of B-roll footage through the streets around Maryland. That’s the crux of the longer video featured at the top; the second video below shows Gittin Jr. at the track, where he was obviously working with Ford Performance to make some ride-along fantasies come true for Blue Oval fans.

Being on Ford’s roster of racing drivers certainly has its benefits. We honestly don’t know if Gittin Jr. was given the GT or if he went through the buying process like everyone else, but it’s definitely refreshing to see the supercar grabbing headlines for actually doing what it was designed to do. We’d rather see it on a track as opposed to the auction block any day of the week, and twice on Saturdays.

Source: Ford Performance via YouTube, 2

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