She Runs! 1972 Chevy Week to Wicked LMC C10 Nats. Giveaway is Ready

The LMC Truck C-10 Nationals Classic Trucks Week To Wicked build presented by Gandrud Performance Parts fired to life Friday evening the 5th day as planned, and it was thanks to heroic efforts by all concerned.

For those that just joined in following the 2019 LMC Truck Nationals giveaway truck build it will be given away on May 4, 2019 at the Texas Motor Speedway the final day of the LMC Truck C10 Nationals. For more information checkout

Now with fifteen Week to Wicked builds under their belt the guys have gotten really good at doing a tremendous amount of work in a very short time with amazing precision. It always a pleasure to hear Classic Performance Products parts and crew will be a part of a Week to Wicked project because CPP rolls in with a giant chest of Snap-on tools, and a truckload of the exact suspension, brakes, and steering parts needed to ensure as hitch free an effort as possible.

Another interesting point to be mentioned is the amazing amount of LMC Truck reproduction parts that were used to restore the 1972 Chevy C10 into a prime example of a stock truck before it could move on becoming the 15th Week to Wicked build.

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