Sold my Octavia after 5 years & 86,000 km: Here’s how my experience was

It was wonderful, till it lasted. Numerous long drives – two five day family trips of 2500 kms each, multiple 3 days trips across north/west/central india and countless weekenders.

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It was a wonderful relationship of 2300 days and was enthralling while it lasted, over 87K Kms. The breakup came all of sudden.


It was all about getting caught in a crossfire.

It was the discussion about replacing the smaller companion, the Grand i10 and while that was the purpose when starting the visit to see the Baleno, landed up in Skoda showroom in the morning, to show the Kodiaq to the family as a future replacement alternative, the virus actually took over. Standing there in the showroom, discussion of giving up both i10 & Octavia and shifting to Kodiaq started and we went to the extent of visiting the yard to see the readily available preferred Graphite Grey and getting into final negotiation, all within an hour.

It was all sounding wrong, in the back of the mind, as the SilverBull was going strong and definitely had many more miles to go before it can sleep. 87K Kms was nothing for the TDI/ DQ 250 combo and for a robust car, well pampered. Almost trouble free (except for the AC compressor change under warranty in the second year) existence with superb fuel efficiency meant, a hope in one little corner of the heart that maybe due to any reason might move out of NCR in next couple of years and can continue the relationship till age catches up. At the same time, NGT surprises and 10 year rule and subsequent drop in resale realisation too played their part in seeing this as an opportunity.

It was this thought that prompted me to take a breather and told family, lets hold and check Tiguan and Q3 as well, as the internals – engine/transmission/power factors are all the same across these. Thought that this will be a diversion and will help in delaying the breakup.

It was the same afternoon, when we landed up into Audi showroom straight out of Skoda dealership. And lo, behold, a Q3 was getting ready for delivery and that’s when the allegiance changed, to my surprise. Younger one was clear, it should be Kodiaq as it had third row seats where she wanted to establish her own kingdom. Wifey and elder one loved the badge and the interiors as they cared little about the gizmos and features. And finally I was put in awkward role of finalising as per my choice, though it was clearly signalled that it should be the Q3. That’s altogether a different story, for another time.

It was thus, the breakup came, out of the blue. After that, all happened in a flash. Cars24/Olx Auto came in, gave some low balled offer, negotiations based on indicative exchange price+bonus offered at Skoda, and finally by the second day Olx Auto nearly matched the price and took away the gleaming Silver Bull.

It was wonderful, till it lasted. Numerous long drives – two five day family trips of 2500 kms each, multiple 3 days trips across north/west/central india and countless weekenders. Never had a hiccup other than the AC compressor which was changed without any second question, all along the service experience complemented the ownership experience. There were niggles like the sunroof noise once in a while, a noisy suspension, a windshield break due to a flying stone, scroll controls mounted on steering getting loose (again, replaced without a second ask). These were no issues considering the sheer driving pleasure and the ride comfort and the confidence of power on tap available and above all the thrifty nature of the, going to be sorely missed, 2.0 TDI.

It was all along a reliable companionship and one which did not ask for much in return. Lifetime average of about 17.5 kmpl, drinking about 4950 liters of oil, just had to change the tyres once at 43k kms, and the existing Pirelli’s looked good for another 10k kms. Stock breakpads change after 75k kms, couple of wiper changes – that’s all SilverBull asked for. Had done full body Ceramic coating and PPF on bumpers, handle wells and these helped a lot in avoiding paint chipping, though it started yellowing slightly. Was maintaining personally and once in a while a pressure wash if it was too muddy. Hand on heart, this is going to be a lost love.

It was with a heavy heart, the keys were handed over on 9th Aug 2023. Hope, SilverBull finds a good homestead.

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